Wednesday, June 19, 2013


Ciao tutti!  

I am officially in Italia and in my first area here.  It is this city called Ostia that is about 30 to 45 minutes outside of Rome.  It is right on the coast, so we get to see the beach and the coast a lot.  It is also cooler here because of the breezes from the sea.  Lol, does not mean that it is not hot, but it is more mild.  Seriously though, this place reminds me of Stockton and California in general.  It feels like I am at home climate wise, and just the overall feeling reminds me of CA.  It is really cool, and I feel used to it here already.  I adjusted well to the time change too because I prefer to live on the time zones here; it feels more natural for me for some reason.  BUT enough about me!  I need to tell you all about the people we have been meeting with here and how awesome they all are.  :)
Hmmmm... I will start with Fratello Mangiacotti.  So, each week, the Missionaries in Ostia go to lunch at Fllo. Mangiacottis house where he feeds us wayyyyy too much, and makes fun of you if you don’t finish all of the food (lol, trust me, I experienced it first hand, haha :)  He is really funny, lives on his own, is in his late 60s has many cats.  He is awesome! 

Then, there is "Mama" who is this really nice lady in our apartments who says, "I am always the Mama here (for the missionaries)!  You are my daughters!"  She "bocces" us when we see her, and she is fantastic!  (Note: We basically :"bocc." (boch) aka kiss people on each cheek, all the time!  Only if they are female of course, because we are mission approps, but yah!  It is pretty cool.) 

Sooo, there is also the Family Blas who is a less active part-member family.  Sister Blas is so great, she is studying to be a nurse and she fixed up my knee for me after Calcio (SOCCER!!!  :D).  Her kids are way funny too, and one of them is basically my new bff ;) He kept acting like my scraped knee scared him, lol, and I tried to keep him quiet during the lesson, so we had fun whilst I was distracting him :)  PS the Blas family is Peruvian but they speak Italian. 

Same with the Padilla family, who I also love!  :D  We went over to their place the other day to make Pizza, and had tons of fun!  Then, we played Calcio with Brother Padilla and some of his sons friends so we could help them invite some friends to church.  Seriously, it was soooo fun to play soccer with them!  I loved it.  I was scared at first, but I actually ended up being able to play pretty well!  Not the best, lol, but I was really in the game!  FUN!!!  :D  It was really great too because practically all the people we played Calc. with spoke Spanish and were talking in Span. a ton whilst we were playing.  Lol, it was so great!  There was also this really nice young man, Mike, who is Andrews’s age and would totally be good friends with Andrew if you guys lived here!  Also, there is another young man who is Andy’s age who is tons of fun.  His name is Emiliano.  He is the son of Carmello who wrote a famous church song in Italy called "I Missionari del Mondo" (The Missionaries of the World).  Their family is SO great and wayyy hilarious!  We go over to their house once a week too for Family Home Evening.  This last time, Carmello made us this STELLAR pasta with crab in it.  But it was still in the shell, so we had to crack it.  Lol, it was not an issue for me, but Sister Hibbert (one of my lovely Missionary companions) was sooooo funny about it, and was scared to touch the crab for a while.  They were tiny crabs, so she kept saying "I am afraid they will crawl off my plate!!!  Lol, she is very jumpy too, so she would freak out every time she heard a cracking noise near her.  She is great :)  Sister Lovell (my trainer and other comp) is really fantastic too!  She gets us going and always has a Plan A, B, and C.  She is pretty cool :)
(PS we get to play guitar at Carmellos house because he is really big on music!  Love it!)

SO!  What else to say....  :)  Well, we are going to the Colosseum today and the Roma forum!  :D  Pretty stoked for that.  And OH!  I forgot to tell you about the Agomeri family!!!  I love them sooooo much!  They are a less active fam, and we often go to visit Sister Agomeri (the grandma, who I LOVE and is Sicilian!  :D) and her lovely granddaughter, Evylin.  Sister Agomeri is really great though, and we have a special bond.  Gah!  I just love these people here!
OH!  And here are some more details about my city:
There are so many people here from around the world, and we get to give out books of Mormon in diff. languages.  We are giving an Arabic Book of Mormon to this one man in a Kebab shop in the next couple days, and we are trying to get a German Book of Mormon for one of our investigators, Mario, who is a German student here on Study Abroad. 
There is also Giorgiana who is Romanian, speaks Italian also, and has a really cool little daughter named Isabella who is also my new bff  haha.  I played with her in the park and wrote "secret messages" of flowers and apples with glasses.  It was pretty  fun.  I also learned a bit of Italian from her!  I bambini sono molto bene con aiutando le altre persone di diventare meglio con la lingua!  It is pretty cool how that works out.

Allora, I am basically out of time for e-mail, but I will write again next week, and I would be delighted to hear from you! 
Con Amore,
Sorella Corey Anne Cherrington

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