Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Servire il Signore con fedeltà e perseveranza sino alla fine

Hello Everyone!  :D  So, with all the pictures I am sending, here is a story from this week:

Last night, we had to wait at the bus stop for a bell po' di tempo.  As we were waiting, a Russian woman came up to us and asked us if we had a lighter for her cigarette.  I answered, "No, we don’t have lighters for cigarettes perché non fumiamo!  Invece, usiamo il nostro tempo per insegnare un corso d'ingelse gratuito!  :D"  She then proceeded to tell us that she lives in a hotel, was "taken" from her hometown in B..... Russia where these people sent her to Romania and gave her a Romanian passport.  It was incredibly sad, and she began to cry.  I tried to help her, but I just couldn’t think of anything, so I shared my testimony of the happiness of the gospel with her.  She took an opuscolo and said that she loves Gesù, but she said that prayer is only for church and for Sundays.  (She is Orthodox, and probably recites wrote prayers for the most part).  She continued to tell us how sad, hungry, cold, and troubled she was, and she said, "Can you do anything per me?"  I was so sad because I knew we couldn’t do anything else for her.  Then, I felt, literally felt, a wave of the love of Jesus Christ for her pass through me, and I grabbed her hand as I began to cry.  (We were sitting on the bench at the bus stop as she stood in front of us, talking to us all.)  I said, "I am so sorry, I wish there was something I could do.  I am so sorry."  As she was crying, she took my hand up to her face and kissed it.  She then kissed my cheeks and said, "I feel like you are a sister to me, like you are my Sister."  (Also, before this, she threw her cigarette aside, and said she didn't want to smoke anymore.)  I just felt so much love for her, and I did not have any way to help.  

But then, she got more sad and desperate and continually asked us to take her to America with us.  It got to a point where we were getting a bit scared and I was about to call Vescovo (Bishop) to pick us up when our bus came.  I felt so betrayed, so powerless, and so... I can’t even explain the feeling that came over me. The world is so messed up and people like her, with so much potential as a daughter or son of God, suffer as a result.  I hope to make a difference with this someday, and to help ease the suffering of people who have nothing or close to nothing.  We see people like that every day, and this situation turns good people into someone they are not. I don’t think Heavenly Father intended for anyone to live this way.   

Altrimenti, now I have to share a happier story with you all.  Our awesome progressing investigator, Adamo taught the lesson in Principi this past week, and he did so well!  :D  So many of so in the ward are working with him to get him closer and closer to battesimo; including his awesome wife, Emanuela, Fratello Giusti, and many many others.  We did a lesson the other night at his house, using the "Gioisca il Mondo" film (I invite you all to share this film with you friends and famiglia!  :D Si chiama "Joy to the World" in English."  It went really well, and we were able to strike up a conversation about the Gospel existing in the Ancient Americas.  Long story short, we were able to answer a lot of the questions that he has had for quite some time, and we offered to help him out with his lesson plan that day.  It was a really nice experience, and I look forward to seeing Adamo and his family again very soon.  :)

Other than that, I love Pescara, the people in the ward here, and I love talking about the Gospel and talking to so many new people every day.  I know that we will have much success here because the Lord is on our side.  Buona settimana, tutti!  :D

Sorella Cherrington

Self explanitory.....The Plan of Salvation
Seriously, the three musketeers!!!

More Selfies of us!! 

A building of unknow origin? 

A really cool collection of pocket watches!

Sisters and Elders of the Pescara Ward?  One Member?

SISSA - What Corey's litter brother called her when they were little.

One delicious looking waffle chocolate heaven!!

Experimenting with mirrors!!

Experimenting with pictures and mirrors????

Yummy looking Candy!!

Corey's has a VW at home too!!

Monday, December 9, 2013

Una vita di miracoli in soli 18 mesi!

Sooo, I have sooo many fun stories to share this week!  First of all, we went to Zone conference (for which I had to return right back to Roma 3 days after I left!).  It was really fun and kind of crazy!  So, we arrive in Roma after a 3 hour bus ride, and we decided to go get something to eat at the "Chicken Hut" (lol).  On the way there, we made a new friend named Aziz who invited us to his African musical performance!  So cool!  We got a biglietto from him and everything.  He also gave us free bracelets.  There was also a cool band that we met on the bus on the way to the Roma 2 Sorelle appartment.  I HAD to talk to them because 1- they were speaking English on the bus and 2- they were a total vision from the 70s!  They were soooo cool!  :D  Their band is called "Simeon Soul Charger" and they play "psychedelic" music, according to what one of the band members told me.  I seriously felt like I was in the 70s!  We gave them a biglietto and told them a bit about what we are doing here in Italia for a whole year and a half, and they thought it was really cool!  I hope they check out our sito internet on the biglietto!  :D

Also, I really enjoyed Zone Coneference because the addestramenti were fantastic, I got to hear all about Sorella Foster's 13 turtles that she has at home (SOOOO COOOL!  XD) and I got to conduct the music for the Nativity play that Presidente and Sorella Waddoups put together for us to act out.  It was quite fun :).  We had to rush home from Zone Conference though, because we had and English Course party that night for all of the "graduating" students (we give them a nice certificate of participation after 12 weeks :).  It was SO fun!  :D  We were able to lead the English course students in some funny American games that we knew, and we did Karaoke!  OH!  So, with the karaoke, nobody wanted to sing at first.  It was then that a memory of Sister Omer and I singing YMCA popped into my mind and I just thought, "Yes, that is what we need to do!"  So, I told the other Sorelle "Let's go sing YMCA!"  :D  So, we did, it was a blast and then a bunch of English course students and their friends and members began going up to sing.  It was really great!  I really like making people feel more comfortable by being a bit goofy myself.  :)

Other than that, we are having success with getting to know all of the simpatizzanti of the other Sorelle because the ward is so fantastic, and asks us about all these investigators!  It is unreal how good this ward is!  And yesterday, we did correlation at Fratello Giusti's house, and he told us all about what we should do to contact the comps of the other Sorelle, what we should do to try to serve these people, and etc etc.  Fratello Giusti and Sorella Giusti are the coolest!  They are both musicians (Fratello Giusti is pretty ben noto, from what I hear (Nicola Giusti), have taught workshops for Opera at BYU, and have met a whole bunch of famous people!  Their son writes music too and they say that the EFY album people have asked their son to make 2 songs for the next EFY CD!  How cool!  :D  We love the Giustis soooooo much!  And their dogs!  One dog is kind of...angry...  It lashes out in doggy fury when one tries to pet it...  The dog has no teeth and is tiny, so I feel a bit sorry for it... But it is really funny because it likes it when Fratello Giusti rocks it back and forth.  :)  So funny!  And they have a really cool conversion story.  

Also, we had a baptism this week- the baptism of Gianni D.  He is a fantastic person and he thinks my California-isms are hilarious!  It is funny how everybody here knows about California and they think my California-cultural differences are funny.  :D  Haha, I love it.  The baptism was really beautiful and me, Sorelle Worsham and Kippen did a musical number together!  We sang "I believe in Christ" (Credo in te, Gesù) and it was a beautiful experience.  I even got to sing a verse all by myself!  My favorite thing about it though was that I got really nervous before-hand and was totally expecting myself to mess up and that my voice would do like it did in high school when I sang and got nervous, and would go up way too high and squeaky.  Ma, non era così!  I prayed a BUNCH beforehand and I talked to Sister Worsham.  She told me, "Just replace the nervous thoughts with good thoughts like 'Confident, awesome, Spirit'.  Let me tell you, it worked 100% and I experienced the first time ever where I sang, using my natural voice, and it was so nice! It was literally a miracle.  And afterwards, people were crying and said that they felt the Spirit so much from our song that we all did together.  Such a blessing, this was.

 And, I cannot forget this one!  So, the other day, after we helped this nice lady named Angela to clean her house from the flood damage, we got a call from Carlos, our awesome buddy from our ward who is blind.  He asked us to take him to his friend's tabaccheria from the bus station, so we headed over there and did just that.  Carlos is soooo funny!  And it really took our mind off of the cold to hear his funny stories and jokes.  He also thinks that my California-isms are really funny!  So, we went to the Tabaccheria where we waited with Carlos for his friend to finish work so she could drive us all home.  I then started to look around the shop, and I saw the "Bacci's" di "Perugia", and I just felt that I had to get one for everybody.  I went to purchase the 6 candies and Carlos' friend, Sara, let me buy them for more than 70% off!  It was really nice of her.  :)  I then proceeded to give a "Baccio" candy to each of my companions, one to Carlos, one to Sara and one to this nice lady on the way out.  We had a good laugh from what the fortunes inside said, and Carlos said he was really thankful for the candy.  It is one of my favorite experiences that I have had on my mission.  

Well, that is all I have for now, tutti!  Vi voglio bene, e parliamo di nuovo questa prossima settimana!  

-Sorella Cherrington

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

When in Italy, you must speak Italian!!

Hello Famiglia Mia!  

I am soooo happy to be writing you all this week!  :D  My last week in Ostia was really fantastic and I got to see some of my favorite people in the world before I left.  I was really sad to leave really good friends like Teresa, Roxana, Alexandra, Fabrizio...  EVERYONE!  I just miss them all.  I am really excited to get pictures of Alexandra's baptism fra poco as well.  

So, a few words on Pescara...

It is so clean!  Uau!  And there are sooo many red heads there...  Who are Italiani.  It is soooo cool!  There are a few different parts of Italy where there are Red heads and I guess Pescara is one of them.  It is a really cool place to be especially because of the ward.  All of the members are sooo fantastic and they just love the missionaries.  There is one huge family- the Boscos.  There are so many Fratello and Sorella Boscos that it blows my mind!  Haha, they are really fantastic.  

And Vescovo Conforte... Oh my holy cow.  He is fantastic!  He was a mission President twice and he is really big on missionary work.  He gave us some really great advice that I will definitely take.  He told us that a general authority came to the Padova mission when he was the President there, and the General authority said, "There is too much English speaking going on in this mission.  You must encourage the missionaries to speak Italian."  Vescovo Conforte said that he followed this advice and the success in their mission increased greatly just from that.  I believe that doing this could work now, and I am going to try it.  I will officially be speaking more Italian these days, because I know it will make people around me feel comfortable as a result.  I really love this language, and I love the culture here.  I just love Italia!  :D

And there are lots of African people there too.  They are really nice, and I enjoy talking to them on the bus.  I really like talking to everyone on the bus!  :D  The busses we take in Pescara are a very distinctive green color on the inside and I call them the "Magic Buses" because I always meet a nice friend on them!  :D  Haha, the other day, I had a fun conversation that went as follows:

Me: Hello!  Sir, I like your hat!  (It was a type of furry top hat)
L'uomo: Grazie
Me: So, where are you coming from tonight?  
Him: A Jehova's Witness meeting
Me: Oh!  Well, did you like it?!
Him: Yes I did.  

(He then proceeds to explain the meeting a bit)

Me:So I hear your Bible is a bit different.  How so?
Him: Oh, I can show you; I have my personal Bible right here!
(He pulls out a rather large Testimoni di Geova Bibbia and an info book on why the Bible for his religion is diversa)

Him: Here, read this!  (He opens up a page in his large bible and in the info book).

I read all of what the nice man asked me to read and tried to do a Book of Mormon and JW Bible swap, but he only really wants to give me the Bible...  Oh well, at least I tried!  And I may be getting a JW Bible pretty soon... I'll keep you updated.  :)  The other missionaries on the Bus got a real kick out of this, and I gave the info book that the man gave me to Anziano B.  He also wants the JW Bible just to study for fun.  This is a really funny place, I really like Pescara. And my magic bus!  ;)  

I really love my companions too!  :D  Sorella Worsham is trying really hard to help me and Sister Kippen get to know the city and she has a really kind heart.  I really love her.  And then there is Sorella Kippen who is wayyyy fun and funny and she makes me laugh a lot.  We were in the MTC together, so it was nice to be able to be together again as companions.  I really love Sorella Kippen as well!  

So, with Sorella Kippen, we have been practicing Italian a lot, and her and I sometimes sit in the back of the Magic bus so we can talk to people together.  We have talked to lots of people from Senegal, and they are really fun! :D  They love basketball, calcio, and Michael Jordan!  Hey, so do we! :D  We are having a lot of fun here, spreading our joy and our joyous message.  :)

Also, because there used to be 4 Sorelle here, we have inherited a sacco di lavoro and have been trying to figure out how to continue teaching people who none of us know....  It is actually quite fun.  I really love it.  

Well, tutti, that is all I have this week!  I hope that you are all doing well, and that you all had a great thanksgiving! (It was kind of fun for us because in Ostia, Sorella Kimball and I made an Apple pie and then the Ostia Anziani made one, and THEN an awesome member in Pescara gave us an apple cake (Soooooo good!) for the holiday.  Three apple pies, you guys!  Love you all. :)

Vi voglio bene!  

Sorella Cherrington

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Now Serving the Lord in Pescara, Italy

So, this week was fantastic!  I always forget all about the cool stuff it seems when I come to write my e-mail to you all, but I will try to remember adesso!  Hmmmm... So I guess I should tell you the biggest news, huh?!  I am getting transferred to...


Aka- The city that Sorella Spicq served in directly before she came to Ostia!  I am really excited.  I will be in a threesome, and one of us will be moved in three weeks.  President Waddoups said he does not know who yet, so that should be really exciting.  

Also, we have seen lots of miracles this week such as...
Fabrizio received the Aaronic Priesthood yesterday! 
Odile is reading the Book of Mormon, and is making tons of progress with her testimony of the Book of Mormon.  It was really cool because we went to her house (and barely got there because we got some rather confused advice from a man on the bus and the autista to scendere troppo in anticipo.... we waited another hour at a bus stop in the rain for the exact same bus to pass by again... Which was actually great because we got to talk to this Muslim man about the church and another man nearby was listening intently.  Sister Kimball and I believe that that is why we got off the bus too early- just to talk to those people.) and were about to begin our planned lesson of the plan of salvation.  But I felt inspired to talk about the Book of Mormon instead, so we all read from the Book of Mormon together and were able to, miraculously, answer Odile's questions. Miracoli dello Spirito!  She also texted us and made me a promise that she would continue reading the Book of Mormon.

Okay, here is where I have to tell you our other Book of Mormon Miracle of the week.  So, we taught the compagno di Roxana again last Friday, and he always has tons of questions about everything.  (Which is awesome!)  We taught him this week about the Book of Mormon, and every seemingly-impossible question he had was answered in full by scriptures from the Book of Mormon, the Book of Mormon intro, and from the History of Joseph Smith.  It was a very inspired lesson, and we felt the Spirit working through us to make the truth known to Ian (Dorian).  We loved that lesson sooo much.  Teresa was also a huge help too, and we could not have done it with out her and Roxana both being there to help as well.  Wow!  such a cool experience!

Also, we taught Michele again, and this time is was mahvelous!  At the beginning of the lesson, we thought all was lost because he didn't remember our lesson about saying prayers, and he began the lesson reciting a wrote prayer.  BUT then the Spirit arrived, and I felt inclined to start drawing images on the white board about Heavenly Father and about how he loves us, and our prayers to Him are like phone calls with our Dad.  I used examples about Sorella Kimball and her famiglia and about how she can pray for qualsiasi cosa per cui lei ha bisogno, e ho anche detto che I can pray for my family, for help in school, etc.  He began to understand personal prayer and, by the end of his lesson he said a prayer all his own!  It was such a miracle, and again a huge change in the lesson plan.  

I just love the people here, you guys.  

Annnd I got to give my departing testimony in church on Sunday as well.  I absolutely loved being able to do that and seeing how much my love for my ward was returned to me.  Like the song that Sister Kimball plays all the time states, "Love comes back to us."  And it is sooo true!  I said in my testimony that I will be a bit "homesick" for Ostia because the ward has become like a family to me.  Wow I will miss it here.  

What else?  Hmmm, well I can tell you that this Christmas will be a very Merry Christmas because I get to call those awesome people I call my parents and my little brother!  XD I am soooo excited for that! 

And, I almost forgot!  This last Wednesday was the Baptism of our fantastic friend, Elena Lauri.  It was literally like a dream.  Her family was there and she was baptized by her boyfriend, Federico Pregnolato, who leaves for his mission within the next two weeks!  It was such a beautiful baptism, and Federico made sure of that, he made the programs all nice, he bought Elena a white dress for her baptismal service, and they brought white flowers to decorate the sides of the pulpit as well.  It reminded us all of a wedding!  They are really awesome people, and Federico said in his testimony that he and Elena have a goal to be married in the Temple after he returns from his mission.  She even has an engagement ring and everything.  They are so good!  Annd, her testimony was beautiful as well; she talked about how we can be happy in this life with the Gospel.  I love her sooo much!

This week was full of miracles, and I know that every week of the mission will be equally piena con miracoli!  :D  I love you all, and I hope that you all have a fantastic week!  

Vi voglio tantissimo bene,

Sorella Cherrington


Corey is going to Pescara.....
And leaving Ostia.  It appears to be a straight shot across the boot!  :)

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Miracles Happening Daily!!! :)

This week was fantastic!   We had to teach Elena all of the lessons this week to prepare her for her baptism on Wednesday, and it was a really fantastic experience.  We love Elena and her Mom (who is sooo nice and was really touched by the Joseph Smith film.  :) They are a really great family and we cannot wait to help out with Elena's battesimothis Wednesday.  

Other news... 
I am really tired!  This is very tiring work and it is hard to stay awake sometimes, lol.  I really love being a missionary though and I know that being tired is a sign that we are doing effective work!  :D  

Also, one of my favorite lessons this week was with Fabrizio when we were able to do a new convert lesson with him.  We just read from the Book of Mormon together, and it was really simple, but the Spirit was really there, and we all really enjoyed it.  Other than that, I am, quite honestly, too tired to write much because we have been doing so much lately.  BUT!  I will tell you a bit about a lesson that we did with Alexandra.  We went over to her house and Sorella Alicino came with us and so did Mikarla (a braziliana member of our ward) and her boyfriend, Francesco.  There was a lot of confusion going on because Sorella Alicino thought that we were teaching Mikarla who has been baptized for 10 years, then Mikarla started translating and talking in Portuguese, annd it was sooo crazy!  But it ended up going well in the end because the Spirit was there as we testified of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and we were able to invite Alexandra to baptism.  

This was a really nice experience because we invited her and she said, "Yah, I have already decided since after our first visit that I want to get baptized.  I prayed about it and I felt like it was right."  It was so cool to hear this from her and that she has received a testimony!  We love Alexandra.  :) Well, I think that is all I have for now!  Love you all, and I cannot wait to read your e-mails and to hear from you and write to you again next week!  :D  

Vi voglio bene,
Sorella Cherrington

(Temple di Roma in one of the photos below!  :D )

Heart Shaped Bread!!  Lovely!!  :)

Rome, Italy Temple in the background

A Wild West Restaurant that supposedly serves American style food!!

YUMMY!!  Mickey Mouse Pannycakes!!!  :D

The Rome, Italy Temple

Another Pic with the Italy Rome Temple in background!! 

I don't know what they were up to here, but I think it had something to do with that fancy pastry box in the background!  :o  

A really nice shot of the Rome, Italy Temple!!  

Monday, November 11, 2013



Hello, Everyone!  :D

So, Fabrizzio's baptismal date got changed again, but for sooner!  :D He will be baptized the 8th of November at 7.30pm.  We are soooo excited, and I know that he will be happy as a result of his choice to get baptized.  :)  We always have so much fun teaching Fabrizzio, and he will be a good friend of ours for the rest of ever!  :D  Just the other day, we did another lesson with him and Sorella Alicino, and she was telling us about how she comes to church, even though it is difficult on her legs and that she would go to church on a skateboard if she had to.  When she said, this, I gave her a thumbs-up and said, "yeah!"  Lol, then, Fabrizzio started cracking up, and then I did, and then the Sorella...  Lol, it was one of those hysterical laughing moments too, and both Fabrizzio and I started crying because we were laughing so hard!  Lol, I love being one of Fabrizzio's missionaries.  :)  I feel it a privilege to know him and all the rest of the wonderful people here.  

Also, we are seeing a ton of progress with our seemingly-perpetual investigators.  They are, piano piano, accepting and up keeping commitments that they had trouble with in the past, and we are seeing cambiamenti in them.  For example, Angela came to church, and Odile has accepted a piccola sfida to read the Book of Mormon every day and pray while she is doing so.   I really love Angela and Odile, and I hope that they know how much we love them as well.  

OH!  So, cool story!  We went to Odile's house this week in Ardea and she cooked a traditional dish of Togo for us!  She is the coolest!  XD  It was rice and beans cooked together and you put a variety of toppings on it.  She said this one was one of the simpler ones that they do, but we had oil infused with sautéed onions, chili powder mixed with salt, and boiled eggs to put on top.  It was SO spicy, but SOOOO good!  :D  Odile said that most of the dishes in Togo are really spicy.  Gah! It was sooo good!  :D  Then, we went to go take our bus when it started pouring rain...  Luckily for us, Heavenly Father loves His missionaries, and he sent the bus to pick us up a half hour earlier than it usually comes!  I believe in miracles.  :)  

Also, I had the opportunity to fast this week, and my Testimony of fasting grows every time that I fast.  Ever since we taught Fabrizzio about fasting, as well, I thought of the importance of fasting once a month as a commandment of God.  This gives it even more meaning for me than before because it really puts it into perspective for me the fact that our church uses the fast offerings (the amount that church members pay in for the cost of the 2 meals they skipped) to give food to those who have little or none.  As members of our church it is really important to fast and to pay fast offerings so that the needy can receive that which they need as well.  I love fasting.  

Also, we had our Zone conference this past week in which we talked about the importance of the Book of Mormon as the keystone of our religion.  Like Preach my Gospel says, if the Book of Mormon is true, than Joseph Smith was a Prophet and the church which he established is, in fact true.  I know that the Book of Mormon is true, and we have been working extra hard this week to share the Book of Mormon specifically with our investigators and the people we meet.  I especially love sharing the promise given in Moroni 10:3-5 when it says that, if we read the Book of Mormon and pray with sincerity and with a desire to act upon the answer to our prayers, asking if the Book of Mormon is true, we will know the truth through the power of the Holy Ghost.  I know this is true- there is no doubt in my mind of this.

I think my favorite part of Zone Conference was when Anziano Steur read aloud from his mission journal from 45 years ago!  :d  It was sooo cool, and I really loved hearing his stories.  :)  One of the repeated phrases that he used stuck out to me, "This should be interesting"  :D  Lol, when he was here, he had to search for an apartment for himself with his companion!  Now, they choose apartments for us and they are prepared for us when we come.  It is really exciting to hear from people like Anziano Steur who laid the foundations of the work here.

There was also a miracle that happened in church as me and Sorella Kimball were fasting for our investigators.  A woman from Brazil came up to us and said, "Hey, who would I talk to about getting the missionary lessons?"  Us, of course!  We set up an appointment with her subito dopo, and we are excited to teach her and invite her to come unto Christ.  :D  SOOO cool!  The Lord provides the work for us!  The field is white and ready to harvest, and all we are as missionaries is workers in the Lord's field.  Ostia is a place of miracles.  Anywhere can be a place of miracles when you are working for the Lord.  It is meraviglioso!  :D  

Well, until next week, my friends!  :D

Vi voglio bene!
Sorella Cherrington


Hello, everyone!  This week was amazing!  Fabrizio was baptized at 7.30pm on the 8th of November, and it was one of the coolest, most Spirit-filled baptismal services I have ever seen.  Wow, Meraviglioso...  Fabrizio is such a good person, and everybody could feel it.  The feeling there was a feeling of purity and content and serenity.  I loved it.  Just being there and seeing Fabrizio take this step in his life was an honor and a privilege for me.  I am so grateful for this experience.  He was confirmed yesterday in church and it was an amazing confirmation blessing.  Our Vescovo, Vescovo Menis, gave the blessing, and the Spirit there was soooo grande!  Vescovo Menis is a really great person, and so kind.  Church in general was just really great.  

We got to teach Principi yesterday too, and there were TONS of investigators there, just wanting to check stuff out.  We were also able to have some really great members there too and the lesson went soooo well.  The Spirit was really there as we talked about our assigned topic- "There is a God."  Words do not do this experience justice.  Also, this week was FULL of miracles because we finally started teaching people who I have been waiting months to teach!  And one of these fantastic people, Elena, the girlfriend of Federico who leaves on his mission Dec. 2, has chosen a date to be baptized before her boyfriend leaves!  She has chosen the 23rd of November, and she is so ready for it!  She has already read through the Book of Mormon up to 3rd Nephi, and Federico's family has done a really great job with fellowshipping her and helping her to feel comfortable in church.  She is so awesome!  I feel so blessed to be able to help her progress towards baptism in these coming weeks.  We have only a few days until she has to have her interview too, so we will be seeing her a lot this week!  We are so excited to teach her about the Gospel.

Ostia is full of miracles, and Sister Kimball and I know that the work we are doing here is not our work, but Heavenly Father's.  We know this because people are coming to us, asking us for the lessons and asking us how they can be baptized.  This work is meraviglioso, and I know that the Lord is blessing us as instruments in His hands.  It is a beautiful feeling to know that, when we dedicate ourselves to the Lord's service, He will bless us with His help and guidance.  Everything we do is guided by the Spirit, and I am so thankful for this guidance.

OH!  I cannot forget about Alexandra! (the Braziliana chi ci aveva chiesto per le lezioni Domenica Scorsa.  :) She came to Fabrizio's baptism all by herself, which took about 1 and a half hours!  She is so dedicated and so ready for the gospel!  She didn’t come to church yesterday though because she had a stomachache.  So, we just went to go see her!  It was a really nice visit and we got to share a nice scripture and a prayer with her.  AND, we got to meet her compagno (boyfriend) who is Napolitano, and is really awesome!  He does not really believe in God, but he is reading the Book of Mormon!  Alexandra said he is reading it more than she is, and asked us for another copy (in Portuguese this time) so she could continue to read if he took her book again!  I really love working with them.  :)

I sincerely love Ostia soooo much, and I love these people here with all my heart.  I love God and Jesus Christ, and I will continually do my best to "forget [my]self and go to work," as Gordon B. Hinckley's father told him to do so long ago.  I love this church and I know that it is true!  Arrivederci, e alla prossima settimana!

Vi voglio bene! 

Sorella Corey Anne Cherrington

Baptism - Sorella Cherrington & Sorella Kimball!!! 

Baptism - Elders and Sisters of Ostia

SELFIES!!!  :) ;) 


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