Monday, December 9, 2013

Una vita di miracoli in soli 18 mesi!

Sooo, I have sooo many fun stories to share this week!  First of all, we went to Zone conference (for which I had to return right back to Roma 3 days after I left!).  It was really fun and kind of crazy!  So, we arrive in Roma after a 3 hour bus ride, and we decided to go get something to eat at the "Chicken Hut" (lol).  On the way there, we made a new friend named Aziz who invited us to his African musical performance!  So cool!  We got a biglietto from him and everything.  He also gave us free bracelets.  There was also a cool band that we met on the bus on the way to the Roma 2 Sorelle appartment.  I HAD to talk to them because 1- they were speaking English on the bus and 2- they were a total vision from the 70s!  They were soooo cool!  :D  Their band is called "Simeon Soul Charger" and they play "psychedelic" music, according to what one of the band members told me.  I seriously felt like I was in the 70s!  We gave them a biglietto and told them a bit about what we are doing here in Italia for a whole year and a half, and they thought it was really cool!  I hope they check out our sito internet on the biglietto!  :D

Also, I really enjoyed Zone Coneference because the addestramenti were fantastic, I got to hear all about Sorella Foster's 13 turtles that she has at home (SOOOO COOOL!  XD) and I got to conduct the music for the Nativity play that Presidente and Sorella Waddoups put together for us to act out.  It was quite fun :).  We had to rush home from Zone Conference though, because we had and English Course party that night for all of the "graduating" students (we give them a nice certificate of participation after 12 weeks :).  It was SO fun!  :D  We were able to lead the English course students in some funny American games that we knew, and we did Karaoke!  OH!  So, with the karaoke, nobody wanted to sing at first.  It was then that a memory of Sister Omer and I singing YMCA popped into my mind and I just thought, "Yes, that is what we need to do!"  So, I told the other Sorelle "Let's go sing YMCA!"  :D  So, we did, it was a blast and then a bunch of English course students and their friends and members began going up to sing.  It was really great!  I really like making people feel more comfortable by being a bit goofy myself.  :)

Other than that, we are having success with getting to know all of the simpatizzanti of the other Sorelle because the ward is so fantastic, and asks us about all these investigators!  It is unreal how good this ward is!  And yesterday, we did correlation at Fratello Giusti's house, and he told us all about what we should do to contact the comps of the other Sorelle, what we should do to try to serve these people, and etc etc.  Fratello Giusti and Sorella Giusti are the coolest!  They are both musicians (Fratello Giusti is pretty ben noto, from what I hear (Nicola Giusti), have taught workshops for Opera at BYU, and have met a whole bunch of famous people!  Their son writes music too and they say that the EFY album people have asked their son to make 2 songs for the next EFY CD!  How cool!  :D  We love the Giustis soooooo much!  And their dogs!  One dog is kind of...angry...  It lashes out in doggy fury when one tries to pet it...  The dog has no teeth and is tiny, so I feel a bit sorry for it... But it is really funny because it likes it when Fratello Giusti rocks it back and forth.  :)  So funny!  And they have a really cool conversion story.  

Also, we had a baptism this week- the baptism of Gianni D.  He is a fantastic person and he thinks my California-isms are hilarious!  It is funny how everybody here knows about California and they think my California-cultural differences are funny.  :D  Haha, I love it.  The baptism was really beautiful and me, Sorelle Worsham and Kippen did a musical number together!  We sang "I believe in Christ" (Credo in te, Gesù) and it was a beautiful experience.  I even got to sing a verse all by myself!  My favorite thing about it though was that I got really nervous before-hand and was totally expecting myself to mess up and that my voice would do like it did in high school when I sang and got nervous, and would go up way too high and squeaky.  Ma, non era così!  I prayed a BUNCH beforehand and I talked to Sister Worsham.  She told me, "Just replace the nervous thoughts with good thoughts like 'Confident, awesome, Spirit'.  Let me tell you, it worked 100% and I experienced the first time ever where I sang, using my natural voice, and it was so nice! It was literally a miracle.  And afterwards, people were crying and said that they felt the Spirit so much from our song that we all did together.  Such a blessing, this was.

 And, I cannot forget this one!  So, the other day, after we helped this nice lady named Angela to clean her house from the flood damage, we got a call from Carlos, our awesome buddy from our ward who is blind.  He asked us to take him to his friend's tabaccheria from the bus station, so we headed over there and did just that.  Carlos is soooo funny!  And it really took our mind off of the cold to hear his funny stories and jokes.  He also thinks that my California-isms are really funny!  So, we went to the Tabaccheria where we waited with Carlos for his friend to finish work so she could drive us all home.  I then started to look around the shop, and I saw the "Bacci's" di "Perugia", and I just felt that I had to get one for everybody.  I went to purchase the 6 candies and Carlos' friend, Sara, let me buy them for more than 70% off!  It was really nice of her.  :)  I then proceeded to give a "Baccio" candy to each of my companions, one to Carlos, one to Sara and one to this nice lady on the way out.  We had a good laugh from what the fortunes inside said, and Carlos said he was really thankful for the candy.  It is one of my favorite experiences that I have had on my mission.  

Well, that is all I have for now, tutti!  Vi voglio bene, e parliamo di nuovo questa prossima settimana!  

-Sorella Cherrington

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