Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Servire il Signore con fedeltà e perseveranza sino alla fine

Hello Everyone!  :D  So, with all the pictures I am sending, here is a story from this week:

Last night, we had to wait at the bus stop for a bell po' di tempo.  As we were waiting, a Russian woman came up to us and asked us if we had a lighter for her cigarette.  I answered, "No, we don’t have lighters for cigarettes perché non fumiamo!  Invece, usiamo il nostro tempo per insegnare un corso d'ingelse gratuito!  :D"  She then proceeded to tell us that she lives in a hotel, was "taken" from her hometown in B..... Russia where these people sent her to Romania and gave her a Romanian passport.  It was incredibly sad, and she began to cry.  I tried to help her, but I just couldn’t think of anything, so I shared my testimony of the happiness of the gospel with her.  She took an opuscolo and said that she loves Gesù, but she said that prayer is only for church and for Sundays.  (She is Orthodox, and probably recites wrote prayers for the most part).  She continued to tell us how sad, hungry, cold, and troubled she was, and she said, "Can you do anything per me?"  I was so sad because I knew we couldn’t do anything else for her.  Then, I felt, literally felt, a wave of the love of Jesus Christ for her pass through me, and I grabbed her hand as I began to cry.  (We were sitting on the bench at the bus stop as she stood in front of us, talking to us all.)  I said, "I am so sorry, I wish there was something I could do.  I am so sorry."  As she was crying, she took my hand up to her face and kissed it.  She then kissed my cheeks and said, "I feel like you are a sister to me, like you are my Sister."  (Also, before this, she threw her cigarette aside, and said she didn't want to smoke anymore.)  I just felt so much love for her, and I did not have any way to help.  

But then, she got more sad and desperate and continually asked us to take her to America with us.  It got to a point where we were getting a bit scared and I was about to call Vescovo (Bishop) to pick us up when our bus came.  I felt so betrayed, so powerless, and so... I can’t even explain the feeling that came over me. The world is so messed up and people like her, with so much potential as a daughter or son of God, suffer as a result.  I hope to make a difference with this someday, and to help ease the suffering of people who have nothing or close to nothing.  We see people like that every day, and this situation turns good people into someone they are not. I don’t think Heavenly Father intended for anyone to live this way.   

Altrimenti, now I have to share a happier story with you all.  Our awesome progressing investigator, Adamo taught the lesson in Principi this past week, and he did so well!  :D  So many of so in the ward are working with him to get him closer and closer to battesimo; including his awesome wife, Emanuela, Fratello Giusti, and many many others.  We did a lesson the other night at his house, using the "Gioisca il Mondo" film (I invite you all to share this film with you friends and famiglia!  :D Si chiama "Joy to the World" in English."  It went really well, and we were able to strike up a conversation about the Gospel existing in the Ancient Americas.  Long story short, we were able to answer a lot of the questions that he has had for quite some time, and we offered to help him out with his lesson plan that day.  It was a really nice experience, and I look forward to seeing Adamo and his family again very soon.  :)

Other than that, I love Pescara, the people in the ward here, and I love talking about the Gospel and talking to so many new people every day.  I know that we will have much success here because the Lord is on our side.  Buona settimana, tutti!  :D

Sorella Cherrington

Self explanitory.....The Plan of Salvation
Seriously, the three musketeers!!!

More Selfies of us!! 

A building of unknow origin? 

A really cool collection of pocket watches!

Sisters and Elders of the Pescara Ward?  One Member?

SISSA - What Corey's litter brother called her when they were little.

One delicious looking waffle chocolate heaven!!

Experimenting with mirrors!!

Experimenting with pictures and mirrors????

Yummy looking Candy!!

Corey's has a VW at home too!!

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