Monday, February 24, 2014

Ora serve il nostro Signore e Salvatore a Taranto!!

So, I am now in Taranto!  And I absolutely love it!  My companion is really cool too!  Her name is Sister Bradford and she is from CALIFORNIA and goes to UC Berkley.  We can already tell that we will see many miracles here in Taranto.  The other day, we did a full day of just ricerca because the work here is a bit slow right now, kind of like how it was in Pescara.  And I absolutely loved that whole day.  Call me crazy, but I LOVE ricerca! :D  It is my favorite thing about missionary work because we get to talk to sooo many different people and we get to have meaningful conversations about the gospel when we don't have anything else to do.  We saw miracles that day and we just seemed to be running into the right people.  At the end of the day, we got 9 PHONE NUMBERS!  :D  It was literally a miracle!  I know that the Lord put me and Sorella Bradford together so that we can start up the work again here and really get it going with new people who have not yet heard of the gospel.  

And on Sunday, we met with one of our contacts from the day before the day of miracoli, and it went great!  His name is "Babba" and he is from Ghana.  He brought his friends with him (Kingsley from Nigeria and Aziz "Bingey" from Ghana).  They are all really awesome people and they listened to our first message about the Restoration.  One of the men, Kingsley, seems particularly fantastic and willing to listen to our message.  It is fantastic!  Lol, and Bingey is quite a character and he was cracking us all up with his religion he said he made up ("Madlem") because he wants to resign from Islam and Christianity.  It is mostly a joke that he made up, but he truly does not want to identify himself with any established religion that he currently knows of because he has seen corruption in many churches. We explained the answers to all of their questions, and we are very excited to go see them again!  Especially because they asked US for the next appointment after we had finished teaching!  :D  Miracoli!  

And I love the Taranto Ward!  I don't know what it is, but I feel like I am in a big family there.  I love the members and the Missionary couple, The Franceschini.  They are the coolest!  They live in Arizona normally, but are Italian originally.  They are fantastic though, and I know that it will be great to serve with them.  

Also, the people here on the streets are, in general, wayyyyy nicer than the people we would try (I say try because they just waved us away at the first glance) to talk to people in Pescara and Chieti.  I can't say that everybody there was difficult to reach, because that would not be true, but the people down here in Taranto just seem so... idk loving and open to talk to us.  Even the people who reject us have been nice on occasion.  Esempio:
Slla Bradford: Ciao!  Siamo Rapprisentanti di Gesù Cristo e-
Lady on the Street: N, Grazie, Amore (as she lovingly touches my arm and walks away...)

The weather here is beautiful too!  It is still a bit cold, but like California cold, and it is not bad.  :)  Hmmmmm.... what else can I tell you?  So, my last week in Pescara was pretty great!  :D  Annnd I just remembered a miracle story I can tell you!  Soooo...

I was traveling from Pescara Centrale to Bari to change trains to get to Taranto because that is what I was told to do by our DL, Anziano Lewis.  POI, I got to Bari and was all on my lonesome with 3 rather large pieces of luggage and a Backpack...  I prayed once I left the train in Bari that I would have the strength to be able to carry all of my suitcases all by myself.  I then went and asked a man for directions for the train to Taranto.  He told me just to enter in the door on the left and go downstairs.  And (this is weird) I don't know why, but I decided to walk a little further to the next set of stairs that goes down to the binari and I confirmed that I had to go downstairs by asking some other people which way to go.  Then, there was me and 3 bags of luggage that all had to get downstairs... Lots of them.  And, I have NO IDEA how I did this, but I was able to carry them down all by myself!  (The Lord really helped me at that time.) And then I walked in the tunnel, being terrified of facing the ascending stairs that would bring me back up to the binario for Taranto when I heard people speaking English.  I stopped and looked up into Binario 4 and I saw Sorella Foster at the top of the stairs.  

I then thought to myself, "I would love to say "hi" but I will probably miss my train!  I should just keep going.... No, you know what?  I think I will say Hi to her.  I don't know when I will see her again, and I miss her turtle stories!" (She has lots of turtles :)  POIIII, I called up to her and she did not hear me, but Sorella Stephens did!  :D  I she ran down to me and so did the tons of other missionaries who were up there. It was great to see all of them.  Poi, my companion, Sorella Bradford came down and told me, "We weren't expecting you until 7pm!  If you would have gone all the way to Taranto, you would have been all alone for several hours in a sketchy train station!"

Here is where it gets really crazy though.
So, they told me that they were actually at a different staircase until they realized that they had to put Sorella Omer on a train car that was exactly at the staircase where I saw them.  Annnd we found later that Sorella Omer wasn't actually supposed to be on that train, but was supposed to go to Roma first.  It was this crazy mix up of miracles also because I was able to tell the missionaries here that the Sorelle in Pescara were not expecting Sorella Omer until 10.30pm, and that Anziano Lewis would soon be arriving in Lecce (also several hours before he was supposed to be there).  WOW!  What would we have done without the miracles of the Lord in that case?  The Lord reaaaallly loves His missionaries!  

Well, that is all I have for this week.  I love you all and I am so excited for this next week in Taranto!  :D


Sorella Corey Cherrington

Saying goodbye to Pescara 

More selfies of us!!!  We are beautiful!!  :)

La Famiglia Giusti

Antonio De Marzio....Air Hugs!  

Communist Bus man with Puppet.  

How many months do you have Anziano?  8 months!  Me too!!!

Family of the Red Heads and Twins at Church!!  

Another wonderful member!  

Famiglia Colella

Last P-day in Chieti

Anziano Fossa and Lazarte


Abreu Famiglia!!


Last P-day in Chieti

Future Sorella!!  

Victor, Tessy and LEHI!!!!  

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Passando a Taranto! Signore, ti prego mi portano a tuoi anime che hanno bisogno del tuo Vangelo!

Where do I start?  Allora, Tuesday, we met the nicest lady ever, who is from South Africa.  Her name is Dumi and she is great!  She just faced a lot of hardship the past 4 months in South Africa with her husband's family who was not nice to her.  She shared her entire story with us and she was so thankful that someone was there to listen to her because she had not yet told her story to anyone, and she wanted to leave her stress at the train station.  We ended up hugging her and we exchanged numbers so we can talk again in the future.  We loved that sooo much.  It was a miracle to help out a friend like that.  
And all of my friends here from Africa keep telling me that I have to go there and see it! They keep telling me, "You will love it!  Just go to any country in Africa (especially theirs ;) and you will see how awesome the culture and everything is!"  I really do hope to go there someday.  Especially because some of the nicest people I know here are African.  I cannot wait!  :D
OH!  And Lucia has made sooooo much progress this week!  :D  She started reading the Book of Mormon lettura calendario that we left with her and SHE asked US to come over this time so that we could read together.  We went over to her place and ended up reading Ether 3, and she began to cry, saying, "You two have to read now, I can't right now."  So we read the rest of the chapter and explained faith to her because she thought that faith either results in or must be generated by seeing God.  So we explained that faith is truly our desire to believe in God or to know more about His nature, and that we will see miracles only when there has been a trial of her faith.  She really is growing in her understanding and acceptance of gospel principles and I will get to see her one last time before I leave.  Her son, Antonio is really grateful for the work we have done with his mom, and he said that I am one of the most "Brava" missionaries he has ever met.  :)  It was really nice to hear that on my last Sunday here in Pescara. 
Speaking of my last Sunday here...  I am being transferred!   To... Taranto!  XD  I cannot tell you guys how happy I am!  :D  I mean, I love Pescara and Chieti with all my heart, but I am soooooo excited and happy to go to Taranto.  I really feel like that is where I need to be.  Anche perché I was really feeling last week like I am not supposed to be here anymore, and that my purpose was fulfilled here.  I am really happy about that, and the members here are looking for an English course post, and the Area books are all in tip-top shape, and I feel really content about the work that I have done here.  I pray for Sorella Kippen, that she will be able to continue the work that we have begun here, and that all will go well for her and her new companion (Sorella Omer, who I LOVE!  XD).  They will be so good together.  
And, this week we did our first "Gesso" in Centro con gli altri missionari.  It went really well!  :D  (Gesso is when you put down a sheet on the ground an you draw something about the church on it with chalk.  And this time, I got to draw it!  :D  This we did on Valentines day (which was soooo fun, and possibly my favorite valentines day ever!), so I drew a giant heart in the middle and I wrote, "Se credi nell'amore, disegna un cuore!"  Everyone really liked it, and people crowded us for a while, and they said how much they loved the heart that I drew and that it was perfect. (I love and miss being able to draw...)  It was really cool though because, in the meanwhile,  the other missionaries were able to strike up conversations about the church and English course as people came up to see what we were doing.  Soooo cool!  :D
Annnd, here is a funny story about how crazy our Anziani here are...  Lol.  So, after DDM, anziano Lewis tells me, "We're gonna need 25 Euro from the Sorelle collectively for the 220 arrosticini that we bought for us all."  HOLY COW!  That is a lot!  Lol, so we pay them and about 3 days later, the Anziani had borrowed an Arrosticini bbq (really small and unique-looking) and we all cooked half of the 220 Arrosticini that they had ordered for pranzo one day.  It was probably one of the most funny yet cool experienced I have yet had on my mission.  I will have to send you pictures of it all.  :D
Poiiiii, we got to see Luisa Abreu and her family again!  :D  FINALLY!  :D  I love them sooo much!  And Luisa made Dominican food for us for lunch and I put Alfredo's hot oil on it (wayyyy too much)  And I thought I was per morire for a while!  Lol, it was really good, but sooo spicy!  Then, Alfredo had to go out, so we weren't able to do a lesson with him, but we got to read the Book of Mormon in the Sun outside, overlooking the beautiful hills and vinyards in Lanciano.  It was pretty amazing.  And she was really happy to have us there, and she still really wants to come to church!  They are such a great family.  :) I will miss them so much!
And my last Sunday in church was the best!  Everyone was really sad that I am leaving, and they all expect to see me after my mission!  :D  I love this ward sooooo much and I am sad to leave it.  The people here are so great...  I cannot wait to come back and see them again someday.  
Well, that is all I've got for this week.  I love you guys, and I miss you all so much.  Mom and Dad, and Andrew, you guys are awesome.  You guys are the best.  I love you so much and I cannot wait to see you again soon.

I forgot this story:  :)
This past week when the slightly crazy communist man with the one crooked eye was talking to his puppet on the bus (yes, he was talking to his hand puppet...)  I was laughing hysterically with all the others on the bus, trying not to make eye-contact because he knows me....  Then, as I was leaving and the guy said, "Wait!  you were here the whole time!"  I had left my Italian Book of Mormon on the Bus.  :O  I thought I had lost it forever, but Sorella Kippen and I prayed for the past few days that I could find it.  So, we found out where to go for the lost and found, took a special bus there this morning, and we found it!  :D  I said to the man who had found it in the office for me, "Thank you sooo much!  :D  I want to hug you, but I can't!"  I gave him a handshake, he smiled at me and was on his way.  It was such a miracle!  Especially because they were about to throw it away and had already thrown away some of the stuff inside of it and had taken off the cool leather cover.  HOLY COW!  What a miracle.  :)

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Il modo in cui può essere difficile a volte, ma ci sarà sempre

For the BLOG:

We saw a huge miracle this week with our Simpatizzante, Giovanna!  :D So, she was one of our Area Book Miracles that we found around Christmas who we have not been able to see for quite some time.  She lives in the mountains part time and cannot see us most of the time.  So, I have been calling her once a week to see if, by some chance she was back in Pescara.  This last week, I called and she said, "Yah, I'm in Francavilla until Friday!  Come and see me Thursday!"  It was such a blessing and such a miracle!  We took our best buddy, Sara Colella with us and we taught the Plan of Salvation.  After our lesson, she prayed, thanking the Lord for the "beautiful things that we talked about."  WOW!  :D  And before the prayer, we did a soft invite to baptism and she said, "Right now, I don't feel like I know enough, but I think that after I learn more, it will only feel natural to want to be baptized.  Baptism would be a beautiful thing."  Holy  cow!  :D  After leaving, Sara, Sorella Kippen and I were literally dancing in the streets (people probably thought we were crazy, but ci voleva a nice dance in the street after our second miracle appointment with Giovanna!).  Wow, was it great.  Annnnnd, the work has been getting better and better as the weeks go on and things are really starting to pick up for us.  Other than that, I really love the ward here and I love being with Sorella Kippen.  Our Simpatizzanti and the Menoattivi who we work with are really special to us too and we work hard every day to try to help people progress and to come unto Christ.  We have begun meeting with a lot of contacts that we have as well!  Unfortunately, however, we have gotten a total of 8 bidoni this week... Haha, one of those being a bidone from the ward because they cancelled Consiglio di Rione a half hour before it started...  We thought it was funny though. And even a blessing because we used our extra hour of time before the baptism to meet some new friends and to share the gospel with them. 

All the same, this week has been fantastic because we are beginning to get some pretty promising new simps!  :D  And we are friends with a good percentage of the African people in Montesilvano and, as it stands right now, I could start a course of English in Montesilvano just for our friends and we would have a huge attendance rate.  One of our friends from Senegal came to the Course of English in Pescara, and we are seeing good results with a lot of our finding efforts.  I thank the Lord for the success that we are seeing.  It is hard at times, but the blessings that the Lord gives us make the hard times seem not even hard at all.  

And that is my message of the week!  :D  Sorry it was so short.  Love you guys, and I hope that you all have a great Valentines day! 

Vi Voglio bene,

Sorella Cherrington

Anziano Jimenez - Corey went through the MTC with him and they are both assigned to the Italy Rome area.  He sends me his emails, which are very spiritual and entertaining!  

Anziano Jimenez 

Sorella Cherrington and Sorella Kippen currently serving together in the Pescara region

Ahhhh, sight seeing.  

Corey said she loves little Lehi, who just happens to be covering up his face just for the picture!  


New Vegetarian Dish. Wonder if they made that just for you know who?

Strange mural on the wall that shows destruction here and below.....


Aha!  There's Lehi's cute little face!  

Corey said, I sent this for my brother Andrew!  LOL  He laughed and said to tell her he liked it!  

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Fanno guardano il Super Bowl in Italia????

I don't know if they do or not because I have not been able to get an answer as of yet from my daughter.  Anyway, here is her latest blog post in an email dated 2/3/2014 to me.  Thanks for reading!!!  :)

Sooooo, this week was a bit hard, but fantabulous all the same.  :)  We went to Chieti almost every day and we saw some really great miracles... and got an accidental free timbro (stamp).  :)

I suppose I should start with our trip to the timbro shop in Chieti:
You see, we began walking upon the streets of Chieti, just giving biglietti to people as we walked along on our way.  Allora, we then stopped and saw a timbro shop and I got really excited because I have been wanting to get a new timbro because ours does not work anymore.  So we walk in and I start asking the man who works there how much it would cost for a timbro, how lo9ng it would take to make, etc.  Then we ordered our timbro and went on our way.  As we left the shop, I thought to myself, "Wait... Can't we just get an ink refill and wait on coming back until we have a classroom for the English course we want to start here?"  So, we reentered and asked the man if we could just get a refill on ink instead of the new timbro.  We were very clear as far as I remember, and he agreed to just fill the ink and basta.  Ma, invece... lol, this is kind of funny... Two days later, when Sorella Kippen and I were ex-simp searching in Chieti, we got a mysteriouis phone call from an unknown number.

I answer the phone, expecting a grande miracle, thinking that someone like Fabrizio was calling us and that we would meet a new, interested person!  :D  BUT instead, a man says to me in Italian, "Hey, your timbro is ready...  Come pick it up today." ...  Oh my holy cow!  ...  Ahhh, 26 euro of a timbro that I did not want...  We weren’t able to go get the stamp that day, so I told him we would come the next day to pick it up.  So, we went again to Chieti the next day for our appointment with Gianni, and we were really excited to see him because we have started teaching his daughter :)  But when we were going to Chieti, we called Gianni, and he.... Dum du du duuuum!  Cancelled!  Woo hoo!  It actually happens a lot.  But it was all good because... When we went to go pick up the stamp, we had to be there at exactally 1pmbecause they were closing around that time.  And, poi, we walked over towards the American Restaurant nearby to get a menu for Sara Colella, our buddy from the ward :) when we magically ran into Gianni right then and there, outside by his apartment complex!  :D  Uau!  It was so great!  :D We were able to teach him a short lesson, and it was really nice.  :)

That is miracle number one.  Miracle number two is that, when we went over to E's house after Gianni's (and caught her in the middle of a hair appointment! lol, she came to the window when we rang the doorbell and looked at us with an expression that I could not tell if it was anger, surprise of just confusion... lol, all of this while she had hair dye stuff in her hair sticking out to either side.  It was pretty funny.  :)  Thennnn, we got to talking to E and the nice lady who is her hairdresser, and we were able to leave a Restoration pamphlet with her. :)  

THEN, here comes the big part.... E said that, if we did church in Chieti, she would come!!!  XD  It was sooo great!  That was really big progress for her because, usually, she just tells us that, being a little more mature in her years, it is difficult for her to go out much and she does not have an effective mode of transportation to get her to church every Sunday.  But now!  We have some pertinent information for our lovely Vescovo!  :D  Also, we already have at least 7 people who have expressed much interest in an English course at Chieti!  :D  We have a rock solid base, we just need to get a classroom, and we will be good to go!  :D  It has just been difficult finding one because we don't really have time to go walking around, school to school in Chieti, looking for a room.  But it is okay!  Because we have a mega-goal to get the course started this week, and I know we can do it!  Gianni said he has some contacts at a middle school nearby, so we are hoping and praying for that (could you all pray with us for this goal that we have? or just that we will find a place where we can find a classroom.  Thanks, guys!  :D I have lots of hope and faith for this!)

Annnnnd, just thought I'd mention this really quick because I thought it was kinda funny.  So, the other day, we went to go get a package that Sorella Kippen received from her friend in Hawaii.  Inside the package, there were sweets of some kind.  Noi, supponendo che erano chocolate-covered macadamia nuts (XD) were surprised to see that they were actually "traditional Italian Biscotti"... that were made in California and bought and shipped to Italy from Hawaii.  The humorous part of all this is that, to put the cherry on top, there was written on the box, "These cookies, made with traditional Italian goodness will make you feel like you're in Italy."  It was really ironic, and we just loved it.

Other than that, we were able to go to a Young Women's activity in which we helped lead the lesson on PERSONAL PROGRESS!!  Which I really loved.  :)  I really missed that book...  And there are not many Young Women in the group here, but the ones that are here are very strong and have great testimonies!  One of the girls who comes is not a member, but wants to be and comes to church every Sunday, but she just can't be baptized because her Dad does not want her to...  It's sad, but she is all the stronger for it and is so brava!  :D

Last story:  Yesterday, we were at our house after Pranzo, and we got a phone call from the new Anziani.  They asked us to come with them to Sorella Ricci's house (We love her!  And she is so forte!  She has cancer and was about to die this last week.  But she was able to live through the scare and she even came to church on Sunday.  :O  WOW, what a Sister).  We ended up going late in the Appointment, and thought we were not going to make it home even close to on time.  Sooo, we decided that it was a good idea to call a member from the area and ask for a ride home.  And as I was calling around to members in the area, the New Anziano says to the other missionaries, "Let's sing some hymns"  They then proceeded to sing hymns at the bus stop in Chieti.  Lol, it was really great.  And when Fratello Pacella picked us up, we gave a concert right then and there, singing hymns from the hymn book in the car.  I thought it was interesting timing for singing hymns at first, but then I realized that it lightened the mood and made the situation fun and even funny!  It was a really fun experience.  :)  

Well, I love you guys!  And I hope that this week goes great for you all!  Please pray with us for success in Chieti!  :)

Vi voglio bene, 

Sorella Corey Cherrington

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Miracoli in mezzo del comunismo

This week was really amazing!  :D  Soooo, we had Zone conference this week, and we went to Roma for it.  The topic was something I really needed and I think the mission in general needed as well.  It was: "How to Receive and Recognize Personal Revelation."  I think it was my favorite zone conference to date.  Oh!  And we got the yearly Mission cd with the slideshow of everybody in the mission.  It is really cool!  I will have to show it to you all as soon as I get home.  
SO!  Before Zone conference, we did a Scambio (exchange) with the Sorelle in Roma 5.  It was a blast!  Roma 5 is really beautiful, and lol, I seem to be getting a reputation for being friends with all of the Africans because, before we arrived in Roma 5, the other Sorelle, Sorelle Jackson and Vincent, talked about it così (at least this is how I imagine the conversation went :)
Vincent: So, who should we send to go see Anna Maria(their investigator from the Congo)?
Jackson: Hmmmm...
Together: Sorella Cherrington!  

Lol, they told me all about it and about how Anziano Wortham (another red-head) is the same way and is friends with all the Africans too!  I’m telling you, I think I am part African somewhere wayyyyy back in my genes!  All the red heads must be!      
BUT, other than that, SORELLA SPICQ (I mean Marie ;)  came up to Pescara to visit and we got to go over to the Colella's house to do Pranzo with her and the Colella Famiglia.  IT WAS SOOOO FUN!  :D  And I missed Sorella Spicq sooo much!  Man, I love her!  We just talked alllll about Ostia and about Pescara and how it was when she served here, and uau, it was just lots of fun to talk to her again.  I can't wait to go to Francia after my mission to see her again!  ;D  And we got to pass by Sorella Ricci's house afterwards!  I really love that Sorella.  She is a fantastic missionary and tells us all about how she has given so many Books of Mormon out to people and that she wants to do follow-up with us missionaries!

Comunque, I had prolly one of the funniest experiences of my life yesterday as we were taking the bus home from the Church (Lorenzo and Marie had to drop us off there because they had Institute after.  :)  SO, we were on the bus, and I was just minding my own business, sitting apart from Sorella Kippen again so we could strategically cover more ground.  (Haha I might rethink that strategy BTW because there are so many crazies...)  And this man enters the bus, talking loudly to this poor woman who he did not know beforehand.  So he talks about all of this random stuff with her and then decides to sit in the seat in front of me, facing in my direction.  He sits quietly for... about 5 seconds and then starts talking about the end of the world, the Testimoni di Geova, and the economy.... everything under the sun, but just loudly and basically to no one...  Well, then he starts this lovely conversation with me about how I should never marry an Italian man because it will ruin my life, talked about how much he loves Russia, etc.THEN, a nice man with a gold tooth took pity on me and sat next to the man, saying, "Can you speak quieter?"  Then gold tooth man starts joking around with this old man who was a little off his rocker.  But that is not the funny part.  SO, holy cow.... ends up gold tooth guy is from Russia, and somehow he and the other man got on the topic of the economy again... go figure.  THEN LOL, the Russian man says, "hey are you communist?"
Old man (with his one eye closed and his slanted face he loudly says...):
That's right I am!  
Russian man: Hey, Me too!
(Extends his hand for a high-5 and they high 5 each other right then and there...)
I laughed hysterically on the bus and I could not stop myself.  It was soooo funny!  The Russian guy got a kick out of this and shook my hand before he left.  

In the meanwhile, I was sitting across from my new "buddy," let's call him, alone again because Russian man had to go, and everyone else on the bus was watching us because the man was so loud. He wants to see me on the bus again because he said I am intelligent and he thinks of me as a daughter.  It was really touching, but also a bit strange all at the same time.  Ahhh, such is the life of the bus to Montesilvano in Pescara.

Annnd, altrimenti, we had one of the coolest, funniest Family Home Evenings ever with the Family Pacella the other night!  We took the new Anziani with us and were able to share a missionary Spiritual thought with them!  (Ends up they have tons of potential referrals they want to give us!  :D  Annnnd, I absolutely love their family!  Haha, they showed us all of their family pictures (including the embarrassing ones ;) and they are all just great.  The Pacellas have 4 kids- a girl our age, two twins who are Andrew's age (XD) and a red head daughter who is about 13, if I am not mistaken. They are just really warm and are wayyy funny and they like to joke about everything.  We all really enjoyed it.  

One more story:
We saw the Bidinellis again this week (our lovely simpatizzanti :) and they invited us to Pranzo before our lesson with them.  It was really nice, and they said that, with us there, it was as if their grand kids were there.  We shared a message on Temples with them and they really loved it, told us they watched the Joseph Smith film that we left, and they just generally agree with what we teach them.  They are so nice and loving, and I just love them!  That is the story with all of our awesome people who we see here though- I just love all of them!  :D  I feel like we have a giant family here in Pescara.  
Well, that is my e-mail for the week!  Love you guys!

Vi voglio bene,
Sorella Cherrington

OH! I forgot about the most spiritual experience of the week!  A miracle!  :D  
Soooo, before we left the house the other day, we prayed to have a missionary opportunity, and to find someone to talk to about the gospel.  When we were on the bus to Francavilla to find some more ex-simp addresses, I had the impression to tell the woman I was sitting next to that I liked her boots.  I did just that and I ended up giving her a Plan of Salvation pamphlet, she took it and said "wow, I am really interested.  Can I keep this?"  She then told me that she is from the Dominican Republic and that her cousin is on a mission!  :D  WOW!  She told us to call her within the next couple of weeks after Febbraio begins because she was about to leave for vacation to Spain).  WOW!  What a miracle!  I love the Francavilla bus!  :D