Saturday, February 1, 2014

Miracoli in mezzo del comunismo

This week was really amazing!  :D  Soooo, we had Zone conference this week, and we went to Roma for it.  The topic was something I really needed and I think the mission in general needed as well.  It was: "How to Receive and Recognize Personal Revelation."  I think it was my favorite zone conference to date.  Oh!  And we got the yearly Mission cd with the slideshow of everybody in the mission.  It is really cool!  I will have to show it to you all as soon as I get home.  
SO!  Before Zone conference, we did a Scambio (exchange) with the Sorelle in Roma 5.  It was a blast!  Roma 5 is really beautiful, and lol, I seem to be getting a reputation for being friends with all of the Africans because, before we arrived in Roma 5, the other Sorelle, Sorelle Jackson and Vincent, talked about it così (at least this is how I imagine the conversation went :)
Vincent: So, who should we send to go see Anna Maria(their investigator from the Congo)?
Jackson: Hmmmm...
Together: Sorella Cherrington!  

Lol, they told me all about it and about how Anziano Wortham (another red-head) is the same way and is friends with all the Africans too!  I’m telling you, I think I am part African somewhere wayyyyy back in my genes!  All the red heads must be!      
BUT, other than that, SORELLA SPICQ (I mean Marie ;)  came up to Pescara to visit and we got to go over to the Colella's house to do Pranzo with her and the Colella Famiglia.  IT WAS SOOOO FUN!  :D  And I missed Sorella Spicq sooo much!  Man, I love her!  We just talked alllll about Ostia and about Pescara and how it was when she served here, and uau, it was just lots of fun to talk to her again.  I can't wait to go to Francia after my mission to see her again!  ;D  And we got to pass by Sorella Ricci's house afterwards!  I really love that Sorella.  She is a fantastic missionary and tells us all about how she has given so many Books of Mormon out to people and that she wants to do follow-up with us missionaries!

Comunque, I had prolly one of the funniest experiences of my life yesterday as we were taking the bus home from the Church (Lorenzo and Marie had to drop us off there because they had Institute after.  :)  SO, we were on the bus, and I was just minding my own business, sitting apart from Sorella Kippen again so we could strategically cover more ground.  (Haha I might rethink that strategy BTW because there are so many crazies...)  And this man enters the bus, talking loudly to this poor woman who he did not know beforehand.  So he talks about all of this random stuff with her and then decides to sit in the seat in front of me, facing in my direction.  He sits quietly for... about 5 seconds and then starts talking about the end of the world, the Testimoni di Geova, and the economy.... everything under the sun, but just loudly and basically to no one...  Well, then he starts this lovely conversation with me about how I should never marry an Italian man because it will ruin my life, talked about how much he loves Russia, etc.THEN, a nice man with a gold tooth took pity on me and sat next to the man, saying, "Can you speak quieter?"  Then gold tooth man starts joking around with this old man who was a little off his rocker.  But that is not the funny part.  SO, holy cow.... ends up gold tooth guy is from Russia, and somehow he and the other man got on the topic of the economy again... go figure.  THEN LOL, the Russian man says, "hey are you communist?"
Old man (with his one eye closed and his slanted face he loudly says...):
That's right I am!  
Russian man: Hey, Me too!
(Extends his hand for a high-5 and they high 5 each other right then and there...)
I laughed hysterically on the bus and I could not stop myself.  It was soooo funny!  The Russian guy got a kick out of this and shook my hand before he left.  

In the meanwhile, I was sitting across from my new "buddy," let's call him, alone again because Russian man had to go, and everyone else on the bus was watching us because the man was so loud. He wants to see me on the bus again because he said I am intelligent and he thinks of me as a daughter.  It was really touching, but also a bit strange all at the same time.  Ahhh, such is the life of the bus to Montesilvano in Pescara.

Annnd, altrimenti, we had one of the coolest, funniest Family Home Evenings ever with the Family Pacella the other night!  We took the new Anziani with us and were able to share a missionary Spiritual thought with them!  (Ends up they have tons of potential referrals they want to give us!  :D  Annnnd, I absolutely love their family!  Haha, they showed us all of their family pictures (including the embarrassing ones ;) and they are all just great.  The Pacellas have 4 kids- a girl our age, two twins who are Andrew's age (XD) and a red head daughter who is about 13, if I am not mistaken. They are just really warm and are wayyy funny and they like to joke about everything.  We all really enjoyed it.  

One more story:
We saw the Bidinellis again this week (our lovely simpatizzanti :) and they invited us to Pranzo before our lesson with them.  It was really nice, and they said that, with us there, it was as if their grand kids were there.  We shared a message on Temples with them and they really loved it, told us they watched the Joseph Smith film that we left, and they just generally agree with what we teach them.  They are so nice and loving, and I just love them!  That is the story with all of our awesome people who we see here though- I just love all of them!  :D  I feel like we have a giant family here in Pescara.  
Well, that is my e-mail for the week!  Love you guys!

Vi voglio bene,
Sorella Cherrington

OH! I forgot about the most spiritual experience of the week!  A miracle!  :D  
Soooo, before we left the house the other day, we prayed to have a missionary opportunity, and to find someone to talk to about the gospel.  When we were on the bus to Francavilla to find some more ex-simp addresses, I had the impression to tell the woman I was sitting next to that I liked her boots.  I did just that and I ended up giving her a Plan of Salvation pamphlet, she took it and said "wow, I am really interested.  Can I keep this?"  She then told me that she is from the Dominican Republic and that her cousin is on a mission!  :D  WOW!  She told us to call her within the next couple of weeks after Febbraio begins because she was about to leave for vacation to Spain).  WOW!  What a miracle!  I love the Francavilla bus!  :D

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