Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Il modo in cui può essere difficile a volte, ma ci sarà sempre

For the BLOG:

We saw a huge miracle this week with our Simpatizzante, Giovanna!  :D So, she was one of our Area Book Miracles that we found around Christmas who we have not been able to see for quite some time.  She lives in the mountains part time and cannot see us most of the time.  So, I have been calling her once a week to see if, by some chance she was back in Pescara.  This last week, I called and she said, "Yah, I'm in Francavilla until Friday!  Come and see me Thursday!"  It was such a blessing and such a miracle!  We took our best buddy, Sara Colella with us and we taught the Plan of Salvation.  After our lesson, she prayed, thanking the Lord for the "beautiful things that we talked about."  WOW!  :D  And before the prayer, we did a soft invite to baptism and she said, "Right now, I don't feel like I know enough, but I think that after I learn more, it will only feel natural to want to be baptized.  Baptism would be a beautiful thing."  Holy  cow!  :D  After leaving, Sara, Sorella Kippen and I were literally dancing in the streets (people probably thought we were crazy, but ci voleva a nice dance in the street after our second miracle appointment with Giovanna!).  Wow, was it great.  Annnnnd, the work has been getting better and better as the weeks go on and things are really starting to pick up for us.  Other than that, I really love the ward here and I love being with Sorella Kippen.  Our Simpatizzanti and the Menoattivi who we work with are really special to us too and we work hard every day to try to help people progress and to come unto Christ.  We have begun meeting with a lot of contacts that we have as well!  Unfortunately, however, we have gotten a total of 8 bidoni this week... Haha, one of those being a bidone from the ward because they cancelled Consiglio di Rione a half hour before it started...  We thought it was funny though. And even a blessing because we used our extra hour of time before the baptism to meet some new friends and to share the gospel with them. 

All the same, this week has been fantastic because we are beginning to get some pretty promising new simps!  :D  And we are friends with a good percentage of the African people in Montesilvano and, as it stands right now, I could start a course of English in Montesilvano just for our friends and we would have a huge attendance rate.  One of our friends from Senegal came to the Course of English in Pescara, and we are seeing good results with a lot of our finding efforts.  I thank the Lord for the success that we are seeing.  It is hard at times, but the blessings that the Lord gives us make the hard times seem not even hard at all.  

And that is my message of the week!  :D  Sorry it was so short.  Love you guys, and I hope that you all have a great Valentines day! 

Vi Voglio bene,

Sorella Cherrington

Anziano Jimenez - Corey went through the MTC with him and they are both assigned to the Italy Rome area.  He sends me his emails, which are very spiritual and entertaining!  

Anziano Jimenez 

Sorella Cherrington and Sorella Kippen currently serving together in the Pescara region

Ahhhh, sight seeing.  

Corey said she loves little Lehi, who just happens to be covering up his face just for the picture!  


New Vegetarian Dish. Wonder if they made that just for you know who?

Strange mural on the wall that shows destruction here and below.....


Aha!  There's Lehi's cute little face!  

Corey said, I sent this for my brother Andrew!  LOL  He laughed and said to tell her he liked it!  

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