Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Fanno guardano il Super Bowl in Italia????

I don't know if they do or not because I have not been able to get an answer as of yet from my daughter.  Anyway, here is her latest blog post in an email dated 2/3/2014 to me.  Thanks for reading!!!  :)

Sooooo, this week was a bit hard, but fantabulous all the same.  :)  We went to Chieti almost every day and we saw some really great miracles... and got an accidental free timbro (stamp).  :)

I suppose I should start with our trip to the timbro shop in Chieti:
You see, we began walking upon the streets of Chieti, just giving biglietti to people as we walked along on our way.  Allora, we then stopped and saw a timbro shop and I got really excited because I have been wanting to get a new timbro because ours does not work anymore.  So we walk in and I start asking the man who works there how much it would cost for a timbro, how lo9ng it would take to make, etc.  Then we ordered our timbro and went on our way.  As we left the shop, I thought to myself, "Wait... Can't we just get an ink refill and wait on coming back until we have a classroom for the English course we want to start here?"  So, we reentered and asked the man if we could just get a refill on ink instead of the new timbro.  We were very clear as far as I remember, and he agreed to just fill the ink and basta.  Ma, invece... lol, this is kind of funny... Two days later, when Sorella Kippen and I were ex-simp searching in Chieti, we got a mysteriouis phone call from an unknown number.

I answer the phone, expecting a grande miracle, thinking that someone like Fabrizio was calling us and that we would meet a new, interested person!  :D  BUT instead, a man says to me in Italian, "Hey, your timbro is ready...  Come pick it up today." ...  Oh my holy cow!  ...  Ahhh, 26 euro of a timbro that I did not want...  We weren’t able to go get the stamp that day, so I told him we would come the next day to pick it up.  So, we went again to Chieti the next day for our appointment with Gianni, and we were really excited to see him because we have started teaching his daughter :)  But when we were going to Chieti, we called Gianni, and he.... Dum du du duuuum!  Cancelled!  Woo hoo!  It actually happens a lot.  But it was all good because... When we went to go pick up the stamp, we had to be there at exactally 1pmbecause they were closing around that time.  And, poi, we walked over towards the American Restaurant nearby to get a menu for Sara Colella, our buddy from the ward :) when we magically ran into Gianni right then and there, outside by his apartment complex!  :D  Uau!  It was so great!  :D We were able to teach him a short lesson, and it was really nice.  :)

That is miracle number one.  Miracle number two is that, when we went over to E's house after Gianni's (and caught her in the middle of a hair appointment! lol, she came to the window when we rang the doorbell and looked at us with an expression that I could not tell if it was anger, surprise of just confusion... lol, all of this while she had hair dye stuff in her hair sticking out to either side.  It was pretty funny.  :)  Thennnn, we got to talking to E and the nice lady who is her hairdresser, and we were able to leave a Restoration pamphlet with her. :)  

THEN, here comes the big part.... E said that, if we did church in Chieti, she would come!!!  XD  It was sooo great!  That was really big progress for her because, usually, she just tells us that, being a little more mature in her years, it is difficult for her to go out much and she does not have an effective mode of transportation to get her to church every Sunday.  But now!  We have some pertinent information for our lovely Vescovo!  :D  Also, we already have at least 7 people who have expressed much interest in an English course at Chieti!  :D  We have a rock solid base, we just need to get a classroom, and we will be good to go!  :D  It has just been difficult finding one because we don't really have time to go walking around, school to school in Chieti, looking for a room.  But it is okay!  Because we have a mega-goal to get the course started this week, and I know we can do it!  Gianni said he has some contacts at a middle school nearby, so we are hoping and praying for that (could you all pray with us for this goal that we have? or just that we will find a place where we can find a classroom.  Thanks, guys!  :D I have lots of hope and faith for this!)

Annnnnd, just thought I'd mention this really quick because I thought it was kinda funny.  So, the other day, we went to go get a package that Sorella Kippen received from her friend in Hawaii.  Inside the package, there were sweets of some kind.  Noi, supponendo che erano chocolate-covered macadamia nuts (XD) were surprised to see that they were actually "traditional Italian Biscotti"... that were made in California and bought and shipped to Italy from Hawaii.  The humorous part of all this is that, to put the cherry on top, there was written on the box, "These cookies, made with traditional Italian goodness will make you feel like you're in Italy."  It was really ironic, and we just loved it.

Other than that, we were able to go to a Young Women's activity in which we helped lead the lesson on PERSONAL PROGRESS!!  Which I really loved.  :)  I really missed that book...  And there are not many Young Women in the group here, but the ones that are here are very strong and have great testimonies!  One of the girls who comes is not a member, but wants to be and comes to church every Sunday, but she just can't be baptized because her Dad does not want her to...  It's sad, but she is all the stronger for it and is so brava!  :D

Last story:  Yesterday, we were at our house after Pranzo, and we got a phone call from the new Anziani.  They asked us to come with them to Sorella Ricci's house (We love her!  And she is so forte!  She has cancer and was about to die this last week.  But she was able to live through the scare and she even came to church on Sunday.  :O  WOW, what a Sister).  We ended up going late in the Appointment, and thought we were not going to make it home even close to on time.  Sooo, we decided that it was a good idea to call a member from the area and ask for a ride home.  And as I was calling around to members in the area, the New Anziano says to the other missionaries, "Let's sing some hymns"  They then proceeded to sing hymns at the bus stop in Chieti.  Lol, it was really great.  And when Fratello Pacella picked us up, we gave a concert right then and there, singing hymns from the hymn book in the car.  I thought it was interesting timing for singing hymns at first, but then I realized that it lightened the mood and made the situation fun and even funny!  It was a really fun experience.  :)  

Well, I love you guys!  And I hope that this week goes great for you all!  Please pray with us for success in Chieti!  :)

Vi voglio bene, 

Sorella Corey Cherrington

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