Wednesday, December 4, 2013

When in Italy, you must speak Italian!!

Hello Famiglia Mia!  

I am soooo happy to be writing you all this week!  :D  My last week in Ostia was really fantastic and I got to see some of my favorite people in the world before I left.  I was really sad to leave really good friends like Teresa, Roxana, Alexandra, Fabrizio...  EVERYONE!  I just miss them all.  I am really excited to get pictures of Alexandra's baptism fra poco as well.  

So, a few words on Pescara...

It is so clean!  Uau!  And there are sooo many red heads there...  Who are Italiani.  It is soooo cool!  There are a few different parts of Italy where there are Red heads and I guess Pescara is one of them.  It is a really cool place to be especially because of the ward.  All of the members are sooo fantastic and they just love the missionaries.  There is one huge family- the Boscos.  There are so many Fratello and Sorella Boscos that it blows my mind!  Haha, they are really fantastic.  

And Vescovo Conforte... Oh my holy cow.  He is fantastic!  He was a mission President twice and he is really big on missionary work.  He gave us some really great advice that I will definitely take.  He told us that a general authority came to the Padova mission when he was the President there, and the General authority said, "There is too much English speaking going on in this mission.  You must encourage the missionaries to speak Italian."  Vescovo Conforte said that he followed this advice and the success in their mission increased greatly just from that.  I believe that doing this could work now, and I am going to try it.  I will officially be speaking more Italian these days, because I know it will make people around me feel comfortable as a result.  I really love this language, and I love the culture here.  I just love Italia!  :D

And there are lots of African people there too.  They are really nice, and I enjoy talking to them on the bus.  I really like talking to everyone on the bus!  :D  The busses we take in Pescara are a very distinctive green color on the inside and I call them the "Magic Buses" because I always meet a nice friend on them!  :D  Haha, the other day, I had a fun conversation that went as follows:

Me: Hello!  Sir, I like your hat!  (It was a type of furry top hat)
L'uomo: Grazie
Me: So, where are you coming from tonight?  
Him: A Jehova's Witness meeting
Me: Oh!  Well, did you like it?!
Him: Yes I did.  

(He then proceeds to explain the meeting a bit)

Me:So I hear your Bible is a bit different.  How so?
Him: Oh, I can show you; I have my personal Bible right here!
(He pulls out a rather large Testimoni di Geova Bibbia and an info book on why the Bible for his religion is diversa)

Him: Here, read this!  (He opens up a page in his large bible and in the info book).

I read all of what the nice man asked me to read and tried to do a Book of Mormon and JW Bible swap, but he only really wants to give me the Bible...  Oh well, at least I tried!  And I may be getting a JW Bible pretty soon... I'll keep you updated.  :)  The other missionaries on the Bus got a real kick out of this, and I gave the info book that the man gave me to Anziano B.  He also wants the JW Bible just to study for fun.  This is a really funny place, I really like Pescara. And my magic bus!  ;)  

I really love my companions too!  :D  Sorella Worsham is trying really hard to help me and Sister Kippen get to know the city and she has a really kind heart.  I really love her.  And then there is Sorella Kippen who is wayyyy fun and funny and she makes me laugh a lot.  We were in the MTC together, so it was nice to be able to be together again as companions.  I really love Sorella Kippen as well!  

So, with Sorella Kippen, we have been practicing Italian a lot, and her and I sometimes sit in the back of the Magic bus so we can talk to people together.  We have talked to lots of people from Senegal, and they are really fun! :D  They love basketball, calcio, and Michael Jordan!  Hey, so do we! :D  We are having a lot of fun here, spreading our joy and our joyous message.  :)

Also, because there used to be 4 Sorelle here, we have inherited a sacco di lavoro and have been trying to figure out how to continue teaching people who none of us know....  It is actually quite fun.  I really love it.  

Well, tutti, that is all I have this week!  I hope that you are all doing well, and that you all had a great thanksgiving! (It was kind of fun for us because in Ostia, Sorella Kimball and I made an Apple pie and then the Ostia Anziani made one, and THEN an awesome member in Pescara gave us an apple cake (Soooooo good!) for the holiday.  Three apple pies, you guys!  Love you all. :)

Vi voglio bene!  

Sorella Cherrington

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