Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Now Serving the Lord in Pescara, Italy

So, this week was fantastic!  I always forget all about the cool stuff it seems when I come to write my e-mail to you all, but I will try to remember adesso!  Hmmmm... So I guess I should tell you the biggest news, huh?!  I am getting transferred to...


Aka- The city that Sorella Spicq served in directly before she came to Ostia!  I am really excited.  I will be in a threesome, and one of us will be moved in three weeks.  President Waddoups said he does not know who yet, so that should be really exciting.  

Also, we have seen lots of miracles this week such as...
Fabrizio received the Aaronic Priesthood yesterday! 
Odile is reading the Book of Mormon, and is making tons of progress with her testimony of the Book of Mormon.  It was really cool because we went to her house (and barely got there because we got some rather confused advice from a man on the bus and the autista to scendere troppo in anticipo.... we waited another hour at a bus stop in the rain for the exact same bus to pass by again... Which was actually great because we got to talk to this Muslim man about the church and another man nearby was listening intently.  Sister Kimball and I believe that that is why we got off the bus too early- just to talk to those people.) and were about to begin our planned lesson of the plan of salvation.  But I felt inspired to talk about the Book of Mormon instead, so we all read from the Book of Mormon together and were able to, miraculously, answer Odile's questions. Miracoli dello Spirito!  She also texted us and made me a promise that she would continue reading the Book of Mormon.

Okay, here is where I have to tell you our other Book of Mormon Miracle of the week.  So, we taught the compagno di Roxana again last Friday, and he always has tons of questions about everything.  (Which is awesome!)  We taught him this week about the Book of Mormon, and every seemingly-impossible question he had was answered in full by scriptures from the Book of Mormon, the Book of Mormon intro, and from the History of Joseph Smith.  It was a very inspired lesson, and we felt the Spirit working through us to make the truth known to Ian (Dorian).  We loved that lesson sooo much.  Teresa was also a huge help too, and we could not have done it with out her and Roxana both being there to help as well.  Wow!  such a cool experience!

Also, we taught Michele again, and this time is was mahvelous!  At the beginning of the lesson, we thought all was lost because he didn't remember our lesson about saying prayers, and he began the lesson reciting a wrote prayer.  BUT then the Spirit arrived, and I felt inclined to start drawing images on the white board about Heavenly Father and about how he loves us, and our prayers to Him are like phone calls with our Dad.  I used examples about Sorella Kimball and her famiglia and about how she can pray for qualsiasi cosa per cui lei ha bisogno, e ho anche detto che I can pray for my family, for help in school, etc.  He began to understand personal prayer and, by the end of his lesson he said a prayer all his own!  It was such a miracle, and again a huge change in the lesson plan.  

I just love the people here, you guys.  

Annnd I got to give my departing testimony in church on Sunday as well.  I absolutely loved being able to do that and seeing how much my love for my ward was returned to me.  Like the song that Sister Kimball plays all the time states, "Love comes back to us."  And it is sooo true!  I said in my testimony that I will be a bit "homesick" for Ostia because the ward has become like a family to me.  Wow I will miss it here.  

What else?  Hmmm, well I can tell you that this Christmas will be a very Merry Christmas because I get to call those awesome people I call my parents and my little brother!  XD I am soooo excited for that! 

And, I almost forgot!  This last Wednesday was the Baptism of our fantastic friend, Elena Lauri.  It was literally like a dream.  Her family was there and she was baptized by her boyfriend, Federico Pregnolato, who leaves for his mission within the next two weeks!  It was such a beautiful baptism, and Federico made sure of that, he made the programs all nice, he bought Elena a white dress for her baptismal service, and they brought white flowers to decorate the sides of the pulpit as well.  It reminded us all of a wedding!  They are really awesome people, and Federico said in his testimony that he and Elena have a goal to be married in the Temple after he returns from his mission.  She even has an engagement ring and everything.  They are so good!  Annd, her testimony was beautiful as well; she talked about how we can be happy in this life with the Gospel.  I love her sooo much!

This week was full of miracles, and I know that every week of the mission will be equally piena con miracoli!  :D  I love you all, and I hope that you all have a fantastic week!  

Vi voglio tantissimo bene,

Sorella Cherrington


Corey is going to Pescara.....
And leaving Ostia.  It appears to be a straight shot across the boot!  :)

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