Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Miracles Happening Daily!!! :)

This week was fantastic!   We had to teach Elena all of the lessons this week to prepare her for her baptism on Wednesday, and it was a really fantastic experience.  We love Elena and her Mom (who is sooo nice and was really touched by the Joseph Smith film.  :) They are a really great family and we cannot wait to help out with Elena's battesimothis Wednesday.  

Other news... 
I am really tired!  This is very tiring work and it is hard to stay awake sometimes, lol.  I really love being a missionary though and I know that being tired is a sign that we are doing effective work!  :D  

Also, one of my favorite lessons this week was with Fabrizio when we were able to do a new convert lesson with him.  We just read from the Book of Mormon together, and it was really simple, but the Spirit was really there, and we all really enjoyed it.  Other than that, I am, quite honestly, too tired to write much because we have been doing so much lately.  BUT!  I will tell you a bit about a lesson that we did with Alexandra.  We went over to her house and Sorella Alicino came with us and so did Mikarla (a braziliana member of our ward) and her boyfriend, Francesco.  There was a lot of confusion going on because Sorella Alicino thought that we were teaching Mikarla who has been baptized for 10 years, then Mikarla started translating and talking in Portuguese, annd it was sooo crazy!  But it ended up going well in the end because the Spirit was there as we testified of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and we were able to invite Alexandra to baptism.  

This was a really nice experience because we invited her and she said, "Yah, I have already decided since after our first visit that I want to get baptized.  I prayed about it and I felt like it was right."  It was so cool to hear this from her and that she has received a testimony!  We love Alexandra.  :) Well, I think that is all I have for now!  Love you all, and I cannot wait to read your e-mails and to hear from you and write to you again next week!  :D  

Vi voglio bene,
Sorella Cherrington

(Temple di Roma in one of the photos below!  :D )

Heart Shaped Bread!!  Lovely!!  :)

Rome, Italy Temple in the background

A Wild West Restaurant that supposedly serves American style food!!

YUMMY!!  Mickey Mouse Pannycakes!!!  :D

The Rome, Italy Temple

Another Pic with the Italy Rome Temple in background!! 

I don't know what they were up to here, but I think it had something to do with that fancy pastry box in the background!  :o  

A really nice shot of the Rome, Italy Temple!!  

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