Thursday, January 2, 2014

Felice Anno Nuovo! L'opera ispirata deve andare avanti!

Hey, Ma!  I totally agree!  I would feel sooo much better every week if we got to Skype.  Because I think the more distracting thing about it all was that, after, I was thinking about how I wouldn't get to Skype you all for a bel po' di tempo...  BUT I am really grateful that we get to talk again soon!  And that the next call I make will split the next part of my mission in halves (if that makes sense... lol)  Because I get to talk to you guys in 5 months, and in 5 more months, I AM HOME FREE BABY!  XD  Lol, I am excited to see you guys!  :D  And thank you, Andy, for your awesome Facebook status note!  (Mom told me about it! ;D) And that is so awesome that you guys had such a great Christmas! :D  I had a really good Christmas too; I think I told you guys all about it already though.  We got to go to the Giusti's house, and eat pranzo with them.  There, we sat at the "Kids table" ;) with Naomi and Mckayla Mellone!  (Mikayla is leaving for her missioin to the SLC Temple Square Mission in the next couple of weeks.)  It was soooo much fun!  We love the Giustis and their family and the Mellones so much!  
Also, we got to watch 2 movies for Christmas, Princess and the Frog and Cativissimo Me 2 (Despicable Me 2). It was lots of fun to be able to watch our movies for Christmas!  And it was really cool because we got to watch Princess and the Frog on the projector at the church!  It was really nice.  Annnd the day before Christmas, we got to go over to the Colella's house with the Anziani.  We got to share a bunch of cool Girls-camp-type games with Sara and her family, and everybody had a blast!  We loved it so much!  And it was kind of funny because me and Lorenzo just couldn't get the cup passing game down, so we had to give up mid-game and just pass the cups in a non-elaborate manner.  Haha...  Also, Sara's uncle, who is not a member had fun being with us all and even stayed for the spiritual thought!  Fratello Colella said it was a miracle that he stayed for it!!  And, at the end, the Uncle accepted a Book of Mormon, said he liked what we read, and that he would try to read very soon!  We are so excited for him!  He is a really nice guy.
Also, this week, we saw a day of Miracles.  Sinceramente, every day on the mission, there are many miracles that occur, but this day was just one of those days that just went right.  It was so directed by the Spirit that we knew just what to do and when to do it.  The story of this day starts like this:
The day before, I did a sack-load of Area Book finding because we had no appointments because all of our usual Simpatizzanti can’t see us until January, or after the 6th of January...  Well, I was doing this area book stuff, and I found literally a stack of papers of people who are still interested in the Gospel, but the missionaries had not been able to go out and see them for years in some cases.  Well, I found and called a bunch of potential people, and I felt so guided by the Holy Ghost.  I had no desire to do anything else in this time, but find these people in the area book.  It came to a point when I grew tired of calling and researching, when I had decided to stop for the night (it was around 8 or 8.30).  But then, I had a feeling that I needed to keep going.  I followed that feeling and continued in the area book.  I then pulled out a Schieda for a lady who the Sorelle found probably 3 or 4 years ago.  They had stopped teaching her because it was hard to set up appointments with her and the lady lives half time in a house in the mountains.  Otherwise, she seemed very interested, so I called then and there.  The lady answered the phone, and we talked for a little, when she said, "Why don't you guys come over tomorrow?" ...  :O ...  Could this be?!  YES!  Wow!  What a miracle! The next day, we went to her house with Sara Colella and we talked about the Gospel, mainly the Restoration.  The lady told us that she had tried to read the book of Mormon in the past, but lacked a teacher; someone to help her understand better.  WOW!! That would be us!  We then invited her to take the lessons, and she agreed!  Heavenly Father really directs His missionaries to those who are ready for the gospel!  
Then, after seeing our lovely new friend, we went with the awesome Sara Colella to go see Fllo. G's mom, E...  She is so delightful!  :D  And she wants to accept the Gospel and to learn more.  We are very excited to go through the lessons with her as well! Her only hold back is that her husband does not want to listen to us yet.  In the near future though!  I know the Lord will soften his heart.  
Then, we went up to Chieti Alto (So beautiful!), still with Sara :) and we did a sort of get to know you lesson with Slla. G's parents.  Uau!  It went soooo well!  They said that they are sooo interested, accepted the invite to take the missionary lessons, and they are such good, kind, honest people!  They feel like family and we have just barely met them!  Wow, the miracles this week, you guys.  Heavenly Father has blessed us so much.
I truly love these people here. I mean, it is not easy peasy lemon squeasy to be a missionary- it is hard work, and it is really a 24/7 job.  But I am so thankful for my mission, and sometimes I feel like I never want to leave, like I never want to stop being a missionary.  Which I won't!  Maybe someday, I will have to take off my missionary tag, but, like the Apostle said one time, I will always wear the tag on my heart.  Always. I know now how I could have been helping the missionaries at home, and how I could have been a better member missionary.  And I know that the process of teaching people and helping them come unto Christ is not really as difficult and painful as I thought it would be in the past.  I love you guys, and I hope that you all have a fantastic week this week!  :D  Merry Christmas, and a super happy new year!  

Sorella Corey Cherrington

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