Monday, January 6, 2014

Oh, a servire nella vigna del Signore ..... le parole non possono dire i sentimenti

Hello, everyone!  :D  I have soooo many miracles to share this week!  So...

First off, we have been seeing so much success with our investigators and we even were able to set a baptismal date with a really solid family that has been taking the lessons for quite some time! The husband is 100% certain of this decision, but the wife is a bit apprehensive because she does not want to send double messages to her children who are taking Catechism and are getting ready for 1st communion. We promised her, however, that if she keeps the commitments we left, she will reel ready for her baptismal date, and she will have grown a testimony of her own!  We have to do lots of follow up with them, but we are really excited!  :D

We also did a scambio this week, and it went really well!  :D  It’s just that, that day takes the cake for the "most cancelled appointments in one day" day for my entire mission!  Literally everything went... well, not according to plan.  Everyone was telling us "Call me an hour before, and we'll see!"  Ends up that these people could not, indeed meet, so I ended up doing strada all the day long, first with Sorella Jackson and then with Sorella Vincent.  It was okay though because I love doing strada!  :D  It is one of my favorite forms of finding ever!  Lol, the other missionaries here think I'm a bit off because I love finding and that is not normal apparently!  Haha, it is actually one of my favorite things to do on the mission.  

So, after our most cancelled day ever, Sorella Kippen and I had an AMAZING day that just went right.  I LOVE those days.  We first went to our appointment with Luisa ....  PAUSE I have to tell you the story of how we found her!  So, at the beginning of the transfer, I had a feeling to go see her because she was written down on the former Sorelle's white board.  I asked the one Sorella who had been there for a bit, "Where does she live, we should go see her!"  This Sorella said, "Oh, my past comp said she lives too far away; probably a couple hours, so we should probably put her on the bottom of the list.  My mind said, "Okay, probably" but the Spirit was telling me, "Nope, you have to see her at least once this transfer."  The Spirit was right.
When I went exploring in the Area book that day last week, I found an old Schieda for Luisa and her husband, who was an ex-simp with three inactive sisters who live in the same area.  WOW!  I KNEW at that point that I had to call them and set an appointment.  And again, the feeling was right.  We went to their house and talked to them for a while, and it ends up that Luisa really wants to get back to church, WITH her 3 sisters  in law, and she wants very much for her husband to be baptized!  We taught him the Restoration, and he agreed to take the lessons from us!  :D  They are one of our favorite families that we have ever met! Especially because they have awesome kids too who love us!  :D   They are also from the Dominican Republic, and Luisa reminds me soooooo much of one of my bff's back home, Jenesis D.  :)  WOW!  They are great!  And, they don't even live that far away!  Only about 30 min by train and they have offered to pick us up from the station!  That is really not bad at all!  We hope to see them at least once a week in the coming transfer!  :D

THEN is when we went over to the family D's house (the fam di cui ho parlato al'inizio :)  Where the famiglia Favilli came with us and we had such a great lesson together.  WOW!  :D  Mass.  said he knows for a fact that the church is true, and there is no other possible option for him because he knows.  The Favillis were such a big help too! And, without them, we could not have done it.  Wow, the Lord is blessing us sooo much! 

Other than that, we were able to do a really cool service project today for Sorella G's brother who needed some help cleaning the leaves around his house (Haha, Dad you know I've had a bit of experience with that!  I made sure his porch was California-suburb clean, like Ripon, you know!  ;D  I loved it sooo much!)  Sorella G made this really awesome pranzo for us too, and we got to see the Mellone famiglia again, and it was all sooooo much fun!  
Well, I wish I could write more, but I am out of time for this week!  Love you, guys!

Vi voglio bene,

Sorella Cherrington

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