Monday, January 13, 2014

Siamo stati benedetti con più suore e gli anziani!

Questa settimana è stata pieno di lavoro e miracoli!  :D  We got the new sisters, Sorella Pace from Roma 3, and Sorella Margheriti, a really sweet greenie from Spezia (I think that's how you spell it) near Pisa in the North.  The Vescovo here knows her family already too, so that was cool that she already had that connection.  I really like having the new sisters and elders here!  There are 8 of us now, and we are ready to do this!  We have so much work to do, and we were assigned different parts of the Zona to work in (We have CHIETI, and the cities south of the river, and the other Sorelle have everything North of the River (Same division with the Anziani as well, and the Anziani we served with last transfer are assigned to Chieti with us, so that should be fun :).  

I really love Chieti, and Vescovo (he is SO cool!) told us that, depending on the work we do, and if we see success this transfer, he will ask to put missionaries in Chieti and start a small group there, like how w are doing in Ascoli!  It is really awesome, because I feel like President Waddoups is like the general and Vescovo Conforte is President Waddoups' trusty Captain.  We have a strategy, and we are starting brand new work, and I am sooo excited because we have a sack of finding to do!  :D  
Me and Sister Kippen saw several miracles with that this week.  First of all, after we went by Sorella G's parents, we were able to do some bus finding on the way home.  Annd... 
1- We ran into a contact I made when I was with Sorella Jackson a couple weeks back and he gave us his number and said he wants to talk with us!  (We are hoping to introduce him to the Anziani of Chieti!)
2- I started out on the bus next to Sorella Kippen, told her "Hey, I'm going to go over here to try to talk to someone" Went to a new seat, couldn't find anyone, and I looked over at this man in funny yellow pants and a very particular black hat.  I had a feeling to go talk to him, so I went back with Sorella Kippen, told her, "I know this is awkward, but I gotta talk to that guy!" Talked to him, he tried to tell us we are not Christian, but then I explained to him that we are Christians!  He asked me if I had a Bible, I pulled it out (lesson learned-always carry a Bible!), he read it for a while, and was a bit duro, but we were able to get his phone number, and we will be taking a member to his house as soon as we can so we can give him answers to all  the questions he was asking!  :D
3- We invited these two nice girls to English course, and they started asking us questions about the Church, and we ended up teaching the Restoration on the bus for the 2nd time in that night!  It was sooo cool. :)

Guys, it is so cool though because, when this all happened, I kept getting feelings as to what I should do next.  It feels like I just had some "Liquid Luck", like from Harry Potter!  ;)  I am realizing my talents in the mission and that finding is my specialty.  

ALSO!  We had this really cool pranzo yesterday at Eva's house (one of our Simps) and we were able to teach them the Restoration, and her husband finally sat in on the lesson!  He is usually really adamant about leaving when we get there, but he stayed this time!  :D  Not to mention, it was SO fun and funny!  Our friend, Antonio,. wore his grandma's (Eva) dress to serve us all at first, and he wore it for the rest of Pranzo!  The entire Pranzo was hilarious, and we joked for a while that I am Abruzzese, and that I speak the Abruzzi dialetto.  Antonio then quizzed me to see if I was true Abruzzese, and asked me, "What is the one word in Abruzzese that just explains everything, including indifference, contentment, etc."  Obviously I failed because I am not, indeed, Abruzzese, and he told us the word: "frigate" (idk if I spelled it right).  Lol, he told us, however, "Dont use that in a talk or anything though!"  Lol, it was cool to learn some Abruzzese words!

Also!  I gave a talk in church yesterday!  I really enjoyed it because I got to talk about missionary work (the whole sacrament meeting was centered on lavoro missionario), and I felt like it went so smootghly because of the suggerimenti dello Spirito Santo!  Che forte!  Uau, you guys, it was sooo cool!  Annnnd, one of my favorite quotes that I used from Preach my gospel, from a Prophet who said, "Lavoro missionario is simply love in action" (più o meno, that is the quote :).  I will remember that quote for the rest of my mission and the rest of my life because I want to always put my love for all of God's children into action, offering those I meet to either reject this glad message or accept it.  Life lesson learned: don't be afraid to share "the reason for the happiness that is in you" as the scripture say.  (1 Peter 3:15?)

So, just one more cool experience, then I have to go for this week.  :)
Last night, as we were returning home on the bus, I got to sit next to this nice lady and her daughter (they were from Nigeria :)  we talked for a bit, and they told me that they are shoe vendors by the station in Pescara.  The little girl, Daniella had a piece of cardboard that she was playing with, and I asked her if I could draw on it for her.  She said, "Sì!", asked me to draw sharks, the sea, rainbows, a sun, and many other fun things.  :)  I left them with a biglietto of the temple, and the little girl said, "Uau, is that a castle?!"  I said, "That is a temple!"  It was just a really fun experience for me.  :)  Love you, guys!  Have an awesome week!  :D

Vi voglio benissimo!  :D, 

Sorella Corey Cherrington

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