Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Il mio amato Taranto. Aiutami a fornire un servizio dove c'è bisogno di me, Signore ti prego

So, this week, all the forces of mission difficulty were against us, but it is okay!  Because we still succeeded in doing some really good work and in trying our best in everything that we did.  

This week, we started a really great program with our members here to prepare them for the month of invite (June).  I encourage all of you guys to prepare for this month as well!  It is the month when all the people in the church come together to show people who are not members that they are welcome.  Because everybody is welcome! (lol, I know what you are thinking, Ma.  It is nothing like the creepy "all are welcome" sign in that one movie... Poltergeist?  ;)  Sooo, we have already done this with 2 families, the Bonvissuto's and the Pastano's!  :D  It worked great both times because there was a grande missionary spirit!  :D  These two families are so strong, and we are so excited to help them feel comfortable inviting their friends to church.  

So, pranzo at the Pastano's house yesterday was soooo fun by the way!  :D  So, Emiliano Pastano is so fun!  On Easter, he told us "Buon Natale,"  merry Christmas, so since then, I have called him "Babbo Natale," Santa Claus!  And Emiliano had a guitar at his house that he let me pick up and play for a bit, and he told me, "If you can play good enough, I will let you have the guitar!"  I played for a while (Mamma Mia, did I miss playing...) and he ended up letting me have it!  XD  It was one of the most graaaaaande personal benedizioni I have yet recieved on my mission!  I missed the guitar sooooo much!  And now, I can start learning to play the hymns from Antonio Chitano's simplified hymn book that has the chords written in it!  I am soooo excited.  :D  I will be like Elder Karchner in Clearlake who could play "Nearer my God to thee" for all of us at the ward activity!  I will never forget that song they did for us.  :)  

Comunque!  We also did a scambio with the Sorelle di Cosenza!  :D (Sorelle Hibbert and Perkins).  It went sooo great!  :)  And, because I got to be with Sorella Hibbert (another of my past companions), we got to see how much each of us has grown.  WOW!  It was soooo great!  We were no longer totally scared to talk to people, we both speak Italian by now, and it was really great to be with Sister Hibbert again.  I consider her a good friend of mine.  She is also a really spiritual, awesome person. I was so thankful to be blessed with the opportunity to do a scambio with her.  Also, I really liked being able to finally see Cosenza (Sorella Worsham used to tell me all about it and about how much she loved it, and it has been the same with Soella Bradford!  :D  So I finally got to see and do work in the magnificent Cosenza that everybody was telling me about for so long.  

We saw many miracles there as well!  We were able to teach a lesson to one man on the street, and he agreed to pray with us!  He was so great!  :D  Also, we ended the day with 9 phone numbers!  Everybody there just seemed to be interested in hearing our message!  It was meraviglioso!  

Hmmmm.... And OH!  XD  I forgot to tell you all about Cornelia and crew!  So, Cornelia is one of our Simp's, is from Romania, takes care of a nice older lady named "Regina," and she is just the coolest!  Haha, but whenever we go to see her, like I said in an e-mail a few times back, we are swarmed by every older woman in the city of Taranto.  I actually really love it.  I enjoy talking to older people and letting them know that they are loved :)  Lol, and one of our friends that we met through Cornelia, S-------, is a bit off her rocker...  During lessons, or just conversations with Cornelia, S------ tells Cornelia, "Non parlare!  Parli troppo!"  In her loud, passionate, raspy voice because usually she wants to interrupt to tell us something else that she is thinking of.  It is a bit frustrating at times, but sort of humorous.  Suzie also loooooves me and she gives me an extra big kiss on my cheek every time I see her.  One day, I sat between her and Cornelia, and each of them had one of my arms in theirs.  I love them soooo much!  :D

Well, that is all I have time for this week!  I love you guys! 

-Sorella Corey Cherrington


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