Thursday, September 5, 2013

C'è qualcosa da dire di perseverare sino alla fine. Quando non abbiamo sperimentato le sofferenze, anche noi non possiamo sperimentare la gioia. Questo è il motivo per cui siamo stati mandati qui.

So, transfer calls came, and I am staying in Ostia!  :D  And I hear that I am getting one of the best companions in my mission!!!  XD  YAY!!  Sorella Caramia told me that she is kind, funny, and that she will be so good together!  :D 
Sorella Spiq is French, speaks wonderful English and Italian, and has been a Sister Training Leader for two transfers.  This will be her last transfer, or her "dying" transfer.  Sorella Caramia also told me  "it is a shame that you two won’t be together for two transfers!"  She sounds really great.  :)

But, my buddy, Sister Omer is leaving!  She is going to Taranto in Puglia.  I will miss her soooooo much!  And Sorella Caramia, Sorella Bradford, Sorella Felice, Sorella Mkenna and Bair are all going away too!  Holy Cow, I will miss those guys.  But the Ostia Anziani are staying the same, so that is cool!  I am really hoping and praying that this next transfer will be fantastic.

This week, we went to Carmellos again for FHE, and it was fantastic!!!  I always love it :)  Carmello and Emiliano have been helping us a lot with our investigators too, so that has been really cool.  :)  Still learning how to play that song that Carmello wrote called I Misionari del Mondo!  LOVE IT XD  I just love their family :)  Also, I really want to get a nice Triple Combo of the Book of Mormon/Cand C/ Pearl for Giorgia, one of the younger girls in his family who just got baptized a year ago.  She doesn’t seem very interested in church right now, but I am hoping that she will be in the future!  :D

Whelp, unfortunately, that is all I have for this week!  Love you all!  

-Sorella Cherrington

Thank you to the lovely and beautiful Sisters who made Corey a birthday cake! 

Corey's Room.  Yes, that's her blanket, Hello Kitty!!! 

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