Thursday, August 29, 2013

Le cose buone arrivano per chi sa aspettare!!! :) Good things come to those who wait!!! :)

I love you all!  I am just sooo happy right now!  I have loved times 10 serving in Roma 3 with Sorella Felice these past couple of days, and I have loved also the fact that the best Gelateria on the planet is within the bounds of Roma 3!!!  Woooo hoo! 

But, you guys, I felt so good this week primarily because I learned a HUGE lesson through reading an awesome talk that I will mention a bit later.  BUT, this week I decided to do something a bit different with all of my stories; I quoted bits from my emails with my famiglia!  I hope you enjoy them.  :)

So, Italia.  I have been loving the time I have spent on Scambi (exchanges) because these Sisters are so nice and fun here!  Just yesterday, I got to go finding in a park in the Roma 3 Zone that is lined with Aqua ducts and ancient Roman ruins!  It is soooo cool!  This time, I got to be companions with Sorella Felice, who loves to talk and have fun and get GELATO!!  Lol, all the missionaries here love to get Gelato, bombas (the DELICIOUS only .50 euro donuts stuffed with chocolaty goodness...  OOOOOHHHH MY GOODNESS, they are soooo good!), and granite (LOVE!)  We often see the people who run the Siciliano Gelateria called "Da Sicilia" perche we go there so frequently!  They know us by name and like to practice their English with us.  Last night, on P-day eve ("Peeve" as Sorella Felice calls it ;) they gave us free canoli to try...  HOLY COW, were those good.  Fried shells with sweet Ricotta cheese and Pistachios inside...  THE best.  Wow.  Sicuramente, loro hanno la migliore gelateria in tutta d'italia!  

WOW, you are awesome, Dad!  That is great, uplifting advice.  This week, I have found happiness in misery by following the counsel in a talk by Elder Holland Entitled "Lessons from Liberty Jail." That Sister Fuller had sent me.  It was really fantastic, and inspired me to cancel the fear and anger out of myself in order to invite the Spirit to be with me.  (Because the Spirit cannot penetrate fear and pain.)  We have to follow the examples of Joseph Smith, and most of all, our Savior, being cheerful in any challenge that comes our way.  The results of my test with this were literally miraculous.  Even when I was being belittled or began to feel so awful, I cancelled my fear and found extreme happiness and peace in my heart.

I cannot fully explain how this miracle of forgiveness and peace happened, except through my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.  I know He trusted me to get through this challenge, and I know that there are many other people (and missionaries) praying for me to get through the rest of this transfer.

We get transfer calls in less than 4 days, btw!!!  XD and Sorella told me to get my Permission before the day of transfers, so that could mean that I am going South! Idk yet though...  Gah!  So crazy, transfers!  LOVE IT!  XD 

OH! And, I gotta tell ya, I am really loving life right now, am almost done reading the entire NEW TESTAMENT!!!  XD, I am loving my mission, and I am getting scary good at speaking Italiano!  I wayyyy love talking with people in italiano, and I love love love when they ask me if I am Italian.  Lol.  That’s all I got to say about that.
Altre cose:  I just love Italy, you guys.  I love doing finding on the streets with Pamphlets and sharing a brief testimonianza del Vangelo di Gesù Cristo.  It is received very well nearly every time that I use the opus coli and share my testimony using the images in the pamphlets.  I so love it when people can see the light of Christ in us as missionaries and they begin to want to know more.  We have already set appointments with people by speaking with them this way.  I LOVE doing finding, you guys!  I looooove Speaking Italian, and I am soooooo stoked for transfers!  
Until next week!  :D  (Alla prossima settimana!)
Vi voglio bene, 
Sorella Corey Cherrington

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