Thursday, August 22, 2013

Ostia Finally gets their Own Church!!!!

I have learned this week of the immense power of the Scriptures in answering our prayers.  Every time that I have prayed to Heavenly Father with a question or concern, I have opened the scriptures to find a very precise, very specific answer to my questions.  It has been so beautiful.  I encourage all of you to pray and search the scriptures, because the answers to the questions of life, even specific questions, can be found in that manner.  

SO!  :) I got to do a Scambio this week, and it has been fabulous!  :D We got to go over to this really nice man's house (Michele) for dinner, and we talked to him about cowboy movies, and Cowboys and Indians type stuff :) and then, we got to get GRANITAS!!!  (SOOOO GOOD!!!  XD  They are a type of Sicilian Slushie- I have had the mandorla, cioe almond, and the strawberries and cream type, cioe fragola).  BTW, I get to be with the Sisters Pancheri and Bradford as comps, and they are the best!  :D  We are in an apartment with Sorelle Felice, and Pace.  It is really fun, and they are all really great missionaries.

ALSO!!!  :D  Our new chapel opened up in Ostia- finally!!  After over 10 years of meeting in hotel meeting rooms, and other random places, these wonderful people get their chapel!  :D  They sooooo deserve it.  We had our activity on Saturday night where we got to be with the ward and see people who have been less or inactive for quite a while.  Fratello Mangiacotti even came!  Lol, and funny enough, we talked about western films too!  (Fistful of dollars, For a Few Dollars More, The Good, The Bad and The Ugly... etc!)  He is really great.  He loves old film.  

I just cannot fully express to you how much I love my ward in Ostia.  I cannot thank the Lord enough for them and for their beautiful Spirits.  :D  PLUS we got to have church in the new chapel for the FIRST time ever, and it was really really great.  I got to say hi to everybody and I got to sit by Teresa as well.  It was an amazing experience.

Also, I was talking with Sister Bradford and Anziano Bennett on the Metro today and they asked me, "where would you go if you could go anywhere in the world after your mission?"  I told them "I would go to my Uncles house in Hawaii with my family.  :)   I would really love that soooo much.  It was really fun to talk with them.  

For p-day, we got to go to the Castello St. Angelo, which is beautiful!  :D  We didn’t get to go in, but it was really cool to be there and to cross the beautiful bridge you have to take to get there.  It was sooo nice.  We also got Gelato afterwards at this realllllllly awesome Siciliano Gelateria.  LOVE IT!!  :D  Lol, I always go to the Sicilian Gelaterie.  I hope to go there some time soon.  :)  

Welp, that is all I have for this week!  :D I hope to have more for next week, and to hear from you all soon.  :)

Vi voglio bene,
Sorella Cherrington
Zone Conference 8/16/13

Zone Conference 8/16/13

Zone Conference 8/16/13

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