Wednesday, August 14, 2013

The Lord's Work Must Go On!!!!!! :)

Hey guys! This week was Wayyyyyyyyyy better than last week. After we got to talk to the Mission Pres and his wife, things got much better and from the blessing I got, I felt prepared to do my %100 best to love my companion and to not only serve the magnificent people here, but also her. Anyways! My birthday was on Firday, and I got to celebrate it by going to the Office in Rome to pick up my package from Mom, Dad, and Andy :), which the Steurs gave us special permission to do. And thank goodness! Idk what I would have done without the Peanut butter than Ma sent me! ;D Loved it! AND the stickers and soap.... Ooooooh Yeah! :D And after that, we got to go over to the Padilla’s house for dinner. :) I wrote more about this in a letter to you guys (famiglia) so I won’t go in depth. But, it was such a blessing to be there where they made a torta per me, ed anche hanno detto quanto grati erano che ho scelto di essere con loro per il mio cumpleanno. :) And MOM! I love that you write Italian phrases to me in your emails! :D Another thing, I got Sister Chisams letter :) and I forgot to mention a while ago that I also got the fantastic Ms. Jiminezs Letter anche! :D I dk when I will be able to write back, so I hope that they know that I love them and that I am trying to find time to write them. :) Annnd, I am worried about Barbara Bartolucci, you guys! She is sick and has had to go to the hospital for lots of tests. If you can, please pray for her. She’s also been trying really hard to get her family into the gospel. I really care about her, and I hope yall can pray for her when you get the chance. Church on Sunday was one of the BEST Sundays of my life. I know that Heavenly Father knew it was my b-day and that he blessed me abundantly this past week. In church, I got to see all these people here who I love soo much (a lot of them were gone for holiday, but I still got to see a lot of my fav peeps here :). My favorite parts were seeing Rona (a Philipina who just moved into our ward) and taking pics with her and Rachele after church to celebrate the LAST Sunday in the hotel! :D Our new chapel opens THIS SUNDAYY!!! Wooooo hoo! XD We will be having a party of sorts the day before, and I am soooo excited! :D And then there was my moment with Michaila Banchini. She came up to me after relief Society and told me how much she loves me and how she thinks I am special. I told her I love her too and that I know she is special too. She is really awesome. THEN there was my buddy Theresa, who speaks English because she went on her Mission to Missouri! :D She usually sits in the back, and I had been wanting to sit by her for a really long time, but have not gotten the chance. Sooo, I finally got to sit by her, and I told her about how I had been wanting to sit by her for a long time. She was really happy to hear that someone wanted to sit by her, and she gave me a pink bracelet that I told her I would wear for ever. Which I will :) And if it breaks, I will continue to wear it on my heart because I love Teresa so much. She is one of the funniest, kindest people I have ever met. Sooooo, we have Zone Conference this coming Friday, which I am really excited for. We will get to hear from the Waddoups and from the ZLs and STLs (Sister Training Leaders). I am also really excited to see Sisters Pancheri, Omer, Caramia, and Sooooo many other awesome Missionaries who I love. I do have a request for you all this week too: Can you pray for me to be able to have the strength I need to stand up for myself and to have %100 faith in myself? I would really appreciate your prayers this week. Please know that I pray for all of you- Morning, Midday, and night if I can, and I love you sooo much. Ciao ciao for now! :) Love, Sorella Corey Anne Cherrington

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