Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Miracoli per la Pasqua

Sooo, this week was outstanding!  :D  First thing's first!

COLLINS CAME TO CHURCH!   XD  And he now has a baptismal date for the 2nd of May! :D  He is such a good person, and we are convinced that he truly is one of the "elect" people that missionaries are searching to find.  We taught him the Word of Wisdom yesterday and he totally agreed with all of it, and said that he wanted to quit smoking and drinking cold turkey.  WOW!  He is so great!  And he said that he has a testimony of Joseph Smith, that he was a special, chosen man of God.  He is also very serious about baptism and he said in the closing prayer, "Lord, I put my date of baptism in your hands."  He is seriously the greatest!  :D  He also read in his Book of Mormon and he wants to show the Word of Wisdom pamphlet to all of his friends who smoke, to help them to stop.  :)

And Ofori is doing great too!  He has been reading everything that we leave with him, and this is a phone conversation that we had the other day, "So, Ofori, have you been reading in your Book of Mormon in Twi?" 
Ofori: Yes, I read the chapter you gave me.  It is about a man, who, he repents, you understand." (About the Book of Enos.)  This is one of my favorite quotes from my entire mission!  :D

Wow!  He read and he could tell us about it!  When investigators do this, it means that they are committed to learning more and they are serious about it.  The only issue with our friend, Ofori, is that he feels a bit uncomfortable about coming to church because he wants to feel worthy first.  We have tried to share with him our testimony and scriptures from the Book of Mormon that explain that anyone can come into the church, because it helps us to progress in our endeavors to improve ourselves.  We pray for Ofori and Collins all the time, and we have the faith that they can continue to progress in their knowledge of the Gospel.

And the coppia Franceschini have been helping us a lot with teaching Ofori and Collins and gave Collins a ride to church on Sunday and they also gave Ofori a tie (his dress clothes are stuck in Brindisi) and they also gave our new simp, Rosi, a ride to the activity in church for Pasquetta!  We are so grateful for the Franceschini, and without them, we would not be having success così.  

Annnnnd, CORNELIA!  :D  We have been able to see her this past week because she exits the house with the Signora who she takes care of.  The lessons we have taught to her have been both packed with the spirit and also hilarious.  Why hilarious?  Because in the piazza where we teach her, nearly "Every old woman in the city of Taranto comes to salute the Signora and Cornelia," as Sorella Bradford says.  And that is actually quite accurate...  Haha, but it is really fun.  We have come up with some ideas to teach Cornelia in a different post in the future because she clearly believes in that which we teach her and she loves to read the Book of Mormon with us.  She is really sweet.  And she is really strong too, perché she has been having a lot of health problems and not enough money to fix them, so she has been in a really tight spot lately.  We love Cornelia and we want to help her as much as we can with the message of the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ.  
Other than that, we have had a blast these past couple of days, during Pasqua (Easter).  (Happy Easter, everybody!  :D).  There have been some pretty crazy things going on, like the Processione durante la Settimana Santa with all the odd men in white suits...  and there were big parades for la Madonna, and uau, it was pretty huge.  For Easter, we got to go to Fratello Miccoli's house (love that family!) with Bishop and his family (Bishop is the son of Fratello Miccoli.  It was sooo fun!  Especially because Greta (Vescovo's daughter) is hilarious and they are such a loving family.  :)  They also bought some of the big Easter eggs for us (We had a total of 3: one, we bought together, one from the family Miccoli, and the other from the Anziani!  :D  It was certainly a chocolate-filled holiday.  And it was really cool to be able to do this huge Meno-attivi biglietti per Pasqua progetto where we delivered several cards to less-active families all over  Taranto for the amazing, Sorella Pastano.  It was a really tiring progetto, but we did it!  :D  And it was really rewarding in the end.  

Well, that is all I have for now!  I love you, guys!  And I hope that you had one of the greatest Easters ever.  :)

Sorella Cherrington
Sorella Bradford

Marzipan fish and shellfish!  Look closely at the clams!  

Beautiful Taranto Sunset!

Sorella Cherrington contemplating the beauty of Taranto!

Marzipan for Easter Celebrations

When I google translated this, here is what came up: L. Teresa's Missionary Sisters Institute Primary School Matching cost???

Holy Week 2014
Corey said that these people who dress up and participate in the parade pay 70,000 euro to have their sins forgiven?  Italian religious tradition.

Easter Presents!!

Another beautiful Sunset in Taranto!

Cornelia gave the Sorellas a marzipan lamb.  Awwww!

Corey with a large piece of chocolate!

Easter Goodies!

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