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Ciao Tutti!  (La mia famiglia!)  5/22/2013

So I'm going on week four here at the MTC, and we leave in three weeks!!!  I am sooooo excited!  XD  We study so much every day, and I feel way more prepared to be in Italy than the day when I first arrived here.  I've been having a lot of day dreams too about Italy and about all of the fantastic people I will meet there.  Also, the devotionals here get me more and more pumped to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Per esempio:  Tuesday we had a nice devotional by a member of the 70 and his wife.  They were fantastic talks, but the Elder's talk was a bit more serious.  It made me think a lot about giving my all for my whole mission, and not wasting a single moment.  That may sound a bit cliche but, to quote the devotional directly, "Don't hold anything back from the Lord."  And after the devotional, our lovely Sorella Wiltbank (Vilt-bank in italiano ;) quoted this same line in our district meeting and added, "Don't hold anything back from the Lord because the Lord had not held back anything from you."  Wow, that really hit me; I need to get past my shortcomings so that I can be an effective missionary not for myself, but for Jesus Christ. 

ALSO!!!  :D  We had one of the best devotionals ever on Sunday by a Sister Mary Ellen Edmunds.  She was soooo funny and I felt like the things she said were directed towards me!  It was sooo crazy how her talk was basically an exact answer to many of the questions I had prayed about beforehand.  Wow, prayer really works, my friends, I tell you.  Haha, she was soooo funny though :)  I really appreciated her uplifting words and the fact that she let the Elders take off their suit coats in the meeting!  (Usually the Elders have to keep their suit coats on as a rule that they have in the devotional room.)  It's sort of funny though because the week before, when it was really hot, I was thinking, "If I ever gave a talk here, I would let the Elders remove their suit coats."  Funny, eh?  ;) 

Other than that, my comp and I are still really solid with teaching lessons, and with working well with each other.  I love her so much!  She does this creepy elmo voice thing sometime too, and I love it... Haha, reminds me of Alana a bit. ;) I just feel kinda out of place sometimes because I usually hang out with older people (one of my best friends is 27 :) and my comp is a year younger than me, and for the most part, so are the rest of the girls in my district.  They just like to talk about different things than I would talk about, is all :)  I really love them, however, and I would absolutely not exchange them for any other MTC district in the history of ever.  :)  They are seriously fantastic :)

OH!  :D  And I have to tell you about Elder Noho!!!  XD  So, Elder Noho is from Tahiti, speaks French, and is going to Chicago for an English-speaking mission.  When he got here, he did not know a speck of English and needed an interpreter just to get around, but as of the 2nd week here, he started coming up to our district and practicing door approaches/meetings with us.  It is so cool how much English he has learned and is able to speak with us!  :D  It makes me feel like I need to have more faith in myself when it comes to learning italiano.  :)  Communque...  Elder Noho approaches us often to practice his English.  And lately, he has been saying, (because he knows that we are an Italian district) "In my country, we have a song that goes "Arrivederci Mariiiiiiiiiaaaaa!!!  Buona Sera Signorrrraaaa!!!"  We all love it sooooooo much!  And whenever he sings it to us, he does this hip-dancing thing that is so awesome/funny!  And he started cracking up when Sister Stephens told him that we get his song stuck in our heads all the time :)  LOVE IT!  Not to mention, when Elder Noho is just talking to us of practicing a door approach, he does his distinctive hip-dancing thing then too!  He is fantastic :)

SO we have finally reached our "halfway" mark here at the MTC, and we get to be in Italy in less than 3 weeks.  I know I said that already, but I am soooo excited!  :D  Oh!  And I have seem quite a few of my friends here, :) including CHAUNTEL CROMMARY :)  who is getting married the week after I leave, I believe, and my friend Lauren Barden from MUN. :)  I see Sister Barden a lot, and she gave me an Asian Candy the other day that was wayyyy good!  (She is going to Taiwan on her mission).  I really love seeing my friends from BYU here.  Also, I have tons of new friends, and I make friends with random sisters in the hallways in the evenings!  It is so fun.  One of the sisters who I talk to a lot has red hair, is going to Latvia, and is sooooo nice!  She gave me a small pack of M&Ms the other day, and she always asks me how I'm doing.  Sooooo nice :) 

So, I should go now because I have barely any e-mail time left...  D:  Well, I love you, famiglia, and Ciao to everyone else out there!  :D

-Sorella Corey Cherrington

Corey and some wonderful sisters!!  :)

The beautiful mountains behind the Provo Temple!! :)

More beautiful scenery at the Provo Temple!! :)

A very bored elder!! :)

Elder Noho, the hip dancer??!! You have to read the blog!! :)

The elders and sisters in Corey's district!! :)

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