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Second Blog Post From Sister Corey Cherrington - 5/15/13

Hey, Ma!  Annnndn Daddio and Andrew!!!  :D
What is up?!  I miss you guys :)  Here is my blog-appropriate post:

Ciao Tutti!  :D

I am loving the MTC and I have been improving sooooo much at Italian!!!  :D  People in my class still ask me for help a lot, and I am so glad to be able to help them through their struggles- even though I struggle at times myself.  It is sooo cool because I have witnessed the Gift of Tongues in action, and I know that I would not have been able to do two teaching appointments and two TRC meetings on one day (monday) without help from the Holy Spirit.  I know that God lives and that He speaks through His missionaries; I have experienced it firsthand while here at the MTC, and I haven't even gotten to Italy yet!  :D 

Lol, so sorry for any spelling errors, I am typing at the speed of light right now because I only have less than an hour!!!  D: 

Communque, class is pretty fun most days, but sitting through three hour block classes two times a day plus additional hours of study is a bit of a test to one's sanity... Lol, we make it really fun though :)  Per esempio, one of the girls in my District, Sorella Stephens, says "viscido" all the time, which means "creepy" in Italian.  (lol, at least that's what we think it translates to.)  So, the other night, she starts singing "Viscido, oh viscido"  in the tune of "I need thee, oh I need thee".  HAHA!!!  Soooo funny :)  And then my companion, Sister Matthews starts harmonizing with her, then Sister Kippen joins in... Lol, we had a very "viscido" chorus ;)  Lol, molto divertente! 

Oh!  And, Ma, you will LOVE This because you love this Apostle :)  Elder Russel Nelson gave the Devotional address last night, and it was amazing!  He talked about missionary work in terms of teaching people- not lessons.  His wife also spoke about the power of Family History work in line with Missionary work.  It was soooo cool!!!  :D

(Mom, I will send a letter with more about it :)

Other than that, our first investigator, "Raimondo Borg" actually ended up being our 2nd teacher here at the MTC, Fratello Carrington.  He is a very fun teacher because he is so dramatic and he has very animated facial expressions.  Fratello Taylor is awesome, too, but he maintains a different sort of mood about his class.  Both teachers are equally awesome, but in different ways.  :)  And because we are into our third week now, they began acting like they don't understand English!!!  :D  So fun!  lol "Non capisco inglese!"  Haha, Fratello Carrington always acts so shocked when one of us asks a question in English.  It is so fun :)  And, sorry to skip around so much, but after our devotional we had an amazing District meeting where we all shared our thoughts about Elder Nelson's words.  One of the Elder's Testimonies really touched my heart because he went around the room, calling each of us by name and saying "Sorella/Anziano ..... Jesus Christ loves you, and Sorella/Anziano.... jesus Christ loves you." It was so awesome.  And I shared my Testimony as well, and I felt the Spirit so strong.  (Family, I will include more in a letter to you guys later :)

Oh yeah!  And we had our first meetings at the TRC with members in Italian.  We did pretty well with our visiting experience, and the first lady we spoke to was very nice, and helped us out when we stumbled with the language.  For a moment I thought "Wow, I am so ready to go to Italy; I really think I will love talking to and teaching people there."  Haha, but theeeeen, my companion and I faced a humbling experience because the second lady we spoke with talked soooooooooo fast it was incomprehensible!!!   :O  We were both quite shocked, and were at a loss of how to respond to her a lot of the time.  We later found out that she was speaking troppo veloce because she was worried she would be late for work (she cut our lesson short to leave for work).  So no worries!  Lol, or at least that's what I think!  I'm sure that I will be humbled much more with my Italian skills in the near future... Oh well, that's how we progress, no?  We have to make mistakes every now and then to learn. 

Also, I had a fantastic time at the temple today, with the Sorelle from my district :)  Famiglia, I will write you more about it later.  It was one of the most beautiful experiences I have yet had at the temple. 

Annnnd, did I mention I love my District?  They are so awesome!  We have soooo much fun and sooo many laughs together :)  Their names are: Sorella Matthew, Slla. Stephens, Slla. Kippen, Slle. Pancheri and Wiltbank, And the Anziani are Jiminez, Apple, Loertcher, and Zemp :)  (the titles we have are Sorella and Anziano because they are the Italian equivalents of "Sister" and "Elder"  :) which are the typical missionary titles in our church.)  Well, that is all I have for now!!  I am loving life as a missionary right mow, and I am loving the MTC.  I am BEYOND excited to go to Italy though!!!  XD  (Only 4 more weeks until we go!)    Ciao for now!!!  :)

-Sorella Corey Anne Cherrington
This Plaque hangs in our church in Clearlake!!

Corey's Companion is Sister Mathews in the black skirt second from the right!! :)

This is Shannon, Corey's roommate from fall Semester at BYU!!  :)

This is one of the elders in her district.  :)

Another elder in her district. :)

Just outside the Provo Temple!!  :D

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