Wednesday, May 8, 2013

First official blog post from Sister Corey Cherrington from Provo MTC!!!

Today's Date:  May 8th, 2013

Caro i miei (dear mom and dad)
The first week at the MTC has been a blast!  :D  SUCH hard work, but a blast.  It's kind of cool because you expect the MTC to be one thing, and it is completely different from all expectations.  The Spirit here is so nice, and it just makes every day so much better than it would otherwise be.  We eat, sleep, and breathe Italiano; we spend around 6 hours in class a day (except for Sundays and Wednesdays [P-day]) and we have an hour of this language program called "Tall," AND we have about an hour and a half for language study aside from all that (lol, Mom, feel free to correct my spelling because I can't go back to look at it).  In one of the two three-hour block classes that we have every day, we have all been teaching a volunteer investigator in Italiano!  :D  It has been SUCH a great experience.  We had some good times and... not so good times teaching, but we learned through our mistakes that (1) We have to pray before every lesson or the Spirit is not with us.  AKA we have to invite the Spirit before it will come.  (2) It is best to study the Gospel first, and then the language because when you have the Spirit with you, you learn the language sooooo much faster.
At the end of our lessons with "Raimondo" he said "Granpiacere" and seemed very grateful for our lessons; he also said that he understood our lessons and asked how much experience we had with Italiano.  It was sooooo great; I wish I could tell you guys in person :) 
Another thing, I have been speaking Italian a LOT.  It is sooooo awesome!!!  :D  I love speaking this language so much, and I hope to be able to learn it well enough so that I can share my knowledge of the Gospel with others.  Gah!  I love Italiano!  I love Italian people, I love Italy... I can't wait to go there on June 11. :D  Oh!  And I am like the Italian guru in class because I've studied it so much before.  It is so cool to be able to help the people in my class with the language.  Sometimes, in language study hour, I constantly hear "Sister Cherrington, what is this?"  Or "Sorella, what is the meaning of 'egli'.  Lol, I love it :)  I just hope I will be able to continue helping others as we progress. 
So the day before yesterday, I went with a small group to Salt lake to process/sign Visa stuff.  I was in the only group that was able to meet the new mission president before we are actually in the field.  I feel so blessed to have been able to be there. :)   I thank the Lord for this great opportunity.  Communque...  the mission prez is wayyyyyyy cool!  :D  He is a very large person- being very tall.  His wife is sooo funny too!  :D  Lol, she does not know much Italiano, so she said, "You want to know what my favorite [Italian] word is??? BELLISIMO!!!"  Haha, I love them both already.  Lol, and on the way out of the consulate in SLC, the missionaries all took the stairs, while the Presidents took the elevators and when we arrived on the ground floor, we discovered that our Presidents and the Church Travel person, Katy, were no where to be found.  This lady came over to us, informing us that our peeps were all stuck in the elevator!  So she took us up to this random conference room up four flights of stairs to wait for them (we were very reluctant to do  About 5 min later, she told us the elevator was fixed, and by that time, Katy thought that she had lost a whole slew of missionaries!  We went next door to this Sandwich place we talked about going to beforehand, and found her there looking for us.  We all laughed so hard about it all, haha.  It was sooo fun :)
Oh yeah, and I absolutely love my district; I feel like we are constantly LAUGHING!  Haha, I love it :)  I apologize ahead of time if I do not attach photos this week because the computers here are weird...  But I do have lots of photos for you guys.
Well, that is it for now.  I love you guys sooooo much!  Please Dear Elder me (dear  because I love your letters :)
Ciao for now!   :D
Sorella Cherrington


  1. Ian CherringtonMay 8, 2013 at 9:19 PM

    We are truly blessed to have such a wonderful daughter. Love you Corey


  2. I agree Ian, she is amazing!!!