Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Corey's Email from 10/21/2013

I will probably be writing quickly this week because I have some important emails I would like to respond to.  BUUUT, this week has been the craziest!

I am now companions with SORELLA KIMBALL who is so sweet and very chill.  I really like that about her.  :)  We have been having a fun time trying to get into the groove of things, and I have enjoyed showing her Ostia.  :)  This week, we saw Fabrizzio again, and we taught him "La Legge di Castit√†" which is the Law of Chastity.  It went really well, and was really kind of funny actually.  We had a member with us, Fabrizzio Romeo, and it went nicely!  Lol, when we pulled out the Opuscolo, Fabrizzio started laughing and said, "I am chaste!  I may have smoked in my life and done other things, but I have always been chaste!"  It was really funny!  But we for sure had the spirit there after that and we were able to explain things simply and by the Spirit.  He accepted the commitments %200 to live the law of chastity and to continue to live the Word of Wisdom.  He is really an outstanding person.  We are bringing him to a baptism this next Sabato so he can see how it all happens and feel more commodo with it all.  It will be great! :)  

Also, we saw Odile this week in Marina di Ardea (LOVE THAT PLACE!  XD). We shared a beautiful lesson with her about the Restoration and the priesthood.  It was really nice because we were able to address her concerns about being baptized a third time (first it was catholic, then Evangelist, and now Mormon!) We still have some work to do in regards to explaining better why the Restored Priesthood is so important, ma penso che ce la facciamo!  I am really excited to invite her to the baptism this Saturday that we are taking Fabrizzion to.  :)

ANNND,  haha...  On the way back from Odile's, we were waiting for a bus, right? Well, we took the advice of Odile, and these guys we met at the fermata (Pino- and older Italian man, and Aziz- a middle aged man from Morocco) to get on the first Cotral that came.  We did so, and... ended up being on the road to Napoli instead!  Holy cow, scary stuff... Well, we got off the bus in this tiny town with old buildings and cobblestones at about 9.30 at night...  Because we found that we were not on the right bus.  We called the APs who called president who called us and eventually asked us, "Do you have investigators who are coming to church tomorrow?" We responded that we would.  He then said, "I'm getting in my car."  I seriously have the BEST, most loving, awesome Mission President and Mission "Mom" in the entire world!  We took a bus to Anagnina (Roma 3 bounds) and they picked us up around 11pm, bringing us back to Ostia.  They are the best!  And me and Sorella Kimball realized that without the mistake we made, we would not have been able to meet Pino and Aziz.  Pino seems very interested in the Gospel and wants to see us this week! :D  And Aziz wants to give me a copy of the Koran!  That would be so cool!  Pino has already called us and we have Aziz's number!  Vediamo, amici!

Sooo, other than that, we got to go with Julissa yesterday (after we got to sing in church with the GANs-young single adults) to see the Blas and Agomeri families :)  It was soooo fun!  Especially since we got to sing the primary hymns together so the kids there could practice for the upcoming mini concert they will have in church :)  It was tons of fun.  

Well, I love you, famiglia!  And I hope all is well for you guys.  I know that this church is true and that the more I share my joy with other people, the more my joy grows.  Every day I see this joy grow, and I know that I am happy because I have Jesus Christ in my life.  

Alla Prossima Settimana!

Sorella Corey Anne Cherrington

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