Monday, October 28, 2013

Email from October 28th 2013

Hello, Everyone!  :D
So, this week was amazing!  :D  We got to take Fabrizzio to a Baptism this past Saturday in Roma 1.  It was really nice, we got to take the metro with him from Lido Centro, all the way to Cornelia.  It was really fun because he is always so impressed with how friendly we are and about how we are always talking to other people.  By the end of the evening, he had asked for some biglietti and followed our example to hand them out!  Fabrizzio is a miracle, guys!  So the baptism was really great, but I feel like I spoke sooooo much Italian on Saturday and my brain was fried by the time we had to say goodbye to Fabrizzio.  I really enjoyed talking to so many different people though on the way to the baptism.  Gah!  You gotta love the Missionary life.  J  So, at the Baptism, I got to see some of my buddies from around the Mission!  :D  It was tons of fun, and Fabrizzio was really touched by the ceremony.  When Angelo was baptized (a man who was taught by the Roma 1 Anziani), he was overcome with emotion and hugged the man who had baptized.  This was really significant for Fabrizzio, and he said that the whole thing was “beautiful.”  We are really looking forward to the day that he will get baptized. J  Oh!  And, btw, his date got changed to the 9th of November because we had to figure out if we could have a portable Baptismal font in Ostia or not- thus they did not announce it in church and so we had to change his date.  Which is totally fine for everybody though!  Especially Fabrizzio, because he wants a bit more time to prepare.  Man, we are so blessed to be a part of his miracle story!  It wasn’t even us at all, just Fabrizzio looking for the right path in his life.

Soooo, other than that, I love my companion.  J  She is soooo cool, so chill, and I feel like we are really good buddies.  She and I love to eat and to go to Restaurants, and the like, so we are pretty d’accordo in that respect.  She is also really on the ball, and I feel that we are a really good team together.  Sister Kimball is just the coolest!  :D 

Also, I loved all of your guys’ e-mails.  J  I look forward to reading them every week.  I really love Andrew’s stories about how good things are going for him and Emma (I think that is her name J)  And I also like the Seminary recounts from Ma, and the VW and housecleaning notes from Dad.  I just love you guys soooo much!  :D  And I also look forward to Shelby’s e-mails every week because I can tell that she is so strong and has such a strong Testimony.  All of you guys do!  You rock!  XD  PS- Andrew, I am SOOOOO proud of you times 10000000 for getting your football position back!  Woo hoo!

Yesterday in church was realllllly nice as well.  :D  I got to see all of my usual peeps, Fabrizzio had his intervista for the battesimo, and after church, I made some bread (thanks for the tradition, Sorella Spicq!  ;D) and some risotto (I am the risotto maestra) for Sorella Kimball and I.  Dopo quello, siamo andate da Sorella Alicino, who is always soooo hilarious!  XD  She will be one of the first people who I introduce my family to after the mission!  Gah!  I love her!  I love Ostia!  :D  ANNND I love being a missionary! 
After going over to Sorella Alicino’s, we went over to Marconi (BEAUTIFUL place!  :D  and sooo diverse; there are people there from all over the world.) to bring Rona some bread and walk her to her work.  It was a really nice walk; we really enjoyed it.  It was just a great night.  J  And, today, we had the coolest, most relaxed p-day I have ever had!  It was sooo chill.  We just took the metro a few stops down to go see Basilica Sao Paolo where people think we are nuns (as always) and they have an old baptismal front for the dead.  I had already been there before, but I wanted to see more of that part of the city and to show Sister Kimball around some more.  It was a really nice morning.  We got some gelato too!  We went to a gelateria where the lady who was working there had gone to Cambridge!  I love Cambridge!  XD

Great week, great day, awesome weather, and lots of really good food and experiences.  I love all you guys, and I hope that you have a great week!  :D

Sorella Corey Anne Cherrington

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