Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Staying in Ostia!!!

We got transfer calls, and I am staying in Ostia for another transfer with Sorella Kimball who is coming up from Sicily. :)  I hope, pray, and know that it will be a good transfer.  :)  I will really miss Sister Spicq though.  :(  I hope to see her in Francia after my mission!  That would be so great.

It just means that I will have been here for 6 months after this next transfer is over!  :D  HOLY COW!  It is kinda like Brinkerhoff in Clearlake! Lol, I think about that all the time.  He was such a good example to me. :)  

And I totally called that one: we all knew Brother Throop and Sister Cossel would get married!  Lol, so awesome.  I know they will be so happy together.  :)  Tell them that Sister Cherrington sends a grande abraccio and tanti auguri!  (A big hug and congratulations) :D

OH!  And our golden investigator, Fabrizzio, is getting baptized on the 2nd of November!  (Aka-Dad's Birthday!!  :D)  I am so excited for him!  And when President and Sorella Waddoups came to our ward for church yesterday, President talked to Fabrizzio and Fabrizzio told him that us missionaries could write President a couple days before Fabrizzios baptism to invite Pres!  :D  I am sooo excited for all of this!  Yay, Fabrizzio!

Rene is progressing a bit slower now adays, and we are not sure if he is still interested in joining the church.  We have tried to determine the purpose of our teaching him, but he just agrees with everything and... yah, lol.  He came to church yesterday though, so that is a grande step!  :D

SOOOO, Fabrizzio also told us that October is the most beautiful time of the year in Roma.  :)  I am very excited to be here for it and also excited that I fulfilled my promise to Alessandra that I would stay in Roma for the whole Summer!  :D  And I am so glad that I did.  I really love Rome, and Ostia feels like my second home now.  And, I'm telling you guys, (famiglia) we've gotta get out here after my mission so I can show you around Ostia and you can meet my fantastic member friends!  :) 

WHICH...  everyone was so happy to hear that I am staying!  :D  Man, I love the members here...  They are just the coolest!  :)  Especially Teresa was happy that I am staying here.  :)  I really love her.

well, sorry for the brevity of this week's email; I am hoping that the pictures will say it all for this week.  :)  Ciao for now!  :)

Sorella Corey Cherrington

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