Sunday, June 8, 2014

"E noi sappiamo che tutte le cose cooperano al bene di quelli che amano Dio, i quali sono chiamati secondo il suo disegno." -Romani 8:28

Sooooo, this week, Brendo got baptized!  It waas just about one of the coolest baptismal services that I have seen.  There were soooo many people there (especially because Brendo has been enthusiastically inviting people for weeks now!  Haha, he's great.)  We got to take some pictures with him, and the baptism just went so good.  :)  Annnd after Sorella Chiara Mazzolari gave a testimony at his baptismal service, he made her give him a hug.  It was so lovely.   I remember thinking, "I wish I could hug my friend, Brendo too!" (We have rules about not hugging members of the opposite gender)  But after the baptism, I handed him a present that Sorella Bradford and I had prepared for him, and he hugged me.  I did not know what to do because I was not supposed to hug him, but I was just so proud of him, so as he gave me his sweet little Brendo hug, I patted his back.  That kid is like a little Bro to me, and I feel so grateful to have met him.  I am certain that he will be one of the strong youth in the Taranto Ward from this point on!

Annnnd we have been having some really great experiences this week with teaching Menoattivi (less actives).  It has been such a great, spiritual experience because they are soooo close to being strong, active members in the church.  It's only that they have a few things that they need help sorting out. This week, I had one of the best experiences of my mission with a Menoattiva named Fia on my 2nd scambio with Sorella Hibbert :)  (yah, we got to do another scambio together after Zone conference!).  I had heard a lot about Fia in the past from Sorella Hibbert's e-mails home and from the other missionaries here in Taranto.  It's kind of crazy because I had always felt like I was supposed to teach Fia at one point of another, but this made no sense when the other Sorelle were here because they were teaching Fia.  POI, when they left, we undertook all of their work, thus being responsible for teaching and helping our friend, Fia.  It had been a couple months without seeing her a causa di one complication or another, but when Sorella Hibbert had come for Zone Conf. we were able to go together to Fia's house because she used to go there all the time!  UAU!  We went, and it was beautiful beautiful beautiful!  Fia is one of the coolest people I have ever met!  :D  She has a really interesting story, is from Samoa, is a star tennis player with an entire shelf filled with tennis trophies, and she loves the missionaries!  I loved that visit tio her house.

We felt a wonderful spirit being together because Fia has a strong testimony.  I loved watching Finding Faith in Christ with her, and teaching with Sorella Hibbert as a more experienced missionary was so nice!  It was our first time teaching together since being greenies.  Also, Fia gave us ice cream and cookies and put on a music video of "Sloop John B." which ended up playing three times because we didn't know how to work their TV very well... Haha, and before we watched our film, Fia showed us this film of her dancing and singing at an international cultures get together  they had at the big catholic church in town.  It was really funny because Fia was laughing hysterically at the part where she is singing and dancing and was having so much fun just being her in front of the crowd that was there!  She is so great!  I can't wait to go see her again!

Hmmmm.... What else?  One of our Menoattivi, Simona is officialy back to church!  XD  She has been working soooo hard to come, and she is doing a really good job of getting back into the swing of things.  She's so kind and so awesome too!  She has two little kids, and we're pretty good buddies with them as well.  :)  We did a lesson at her house the other day with Sorella Mazzolari, and it was really great because Sorella Mazzolari was able to help Simona feel loved and that she does not have to go through any trial alone.  Lessons with less-actives this week have been a really great experience, and we are seeing much progress with each of them!

Well, that is all I've got for this week.  Vi voglio tanto bene, famiglia mia!

Sorella Corey Cherrington

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