Thursday, June 12, 2014

Uno non può sapere quanto sia importante avere più paia di scarpe comode per svolgere una missione per il Signore.

There should be some great pictures for the blog this week!  I took tons!  And they are of some pretty cool things.  I feel like I should take more pics because pictures really do "say 1,000 words," as the old cliché suggests.  

Allora!  It is soooo good to talk to you guys again this week!  This week went really great.  We started it out with our English course end-of-12-week party!  We had Just Dance set up, thanks to the awesome Fratello Chitano!  And we were able to have fun with the English course students in a more relaxed environment.  I cannot tell you how fun it was!  I made macaroni salad for it, and some of them really liked it, like Giancarlo who said, "I love this!  I had seconds!"  But others said, "Sorella, Italians don't like onions very much. It would be perfect without them", or "Italians just aren't used to this stuff."  Lol, it interesting how different our tastes are a volte, and those things like peanut butter taste like gross "slime" to them!

Annnnd we also went to pranzo at Giuseppe and Ida's house where we got to see a bunch of comic books, action figures, GIANT pictures of Superman, etc.  They are soooo great!  :D  They are some of the funnest people we know here in Taranto.  I really feel like we are friends with them and that, someday, they will be baptized!  I mean, it is not like they have been simps for 10 years yet, but I think that they are just going Piano piano with the gospel.  I saw a good sign the other night when I asked another student to take the lessons, and he accepted!  Giuseppe asked me, "Did you ask him if he wanted to be a member?"  I told him, "I asked him if he wanted to know more about our message."  Then he asked, "Did the man accept?" Me: "yes!" Giuseppe, "Buono!"  It was fantastic.  :) 

On top of that, we have been seeing our menoattivi still, and we have been looking for new people to teach as well.  We do ricerca and publicity always ("Talk to everyone," like it says in Preach my Gospel) in order to get new people coming to English Course or to make new friends, but it seems that everyone is busy these days and the contacts that we make end up not being able to meet with us. I think it has a lot to do with this season being the time when everyone is doing their first comunione e le cresime.  This city is a very catholic tradition-based place, and their religion is basically their culture.  Even church members are going to see the first communions of their relatives!  Everyone seems so busy.  But we can do this!  We can find some new friends.  I have been getting a feeling to go back to Piazza Garibaldi to meet new people too.  I am excited to have a very successful week this next week.

Other than that, we have been on the hunt for good shoes because all I have in these days are a pair I found in a "death closet" (the closet where missionaries who are leaving the city or the mission leave old clothes and such), my old, worn moccasins that are basically slippers by now and some old sandals that hurt really bad.  Buuuut now, I have new shoes that we were able to find in Bari!  And they are perfect!  :D  We were able to get permission from President to come here and look for shoes, and I am so glad that we did!  :D  I am telling you this mostly because I wanted to advise future missionaries to make getting good, comfortable shoes the first priority.  Even before you decide what luggage you will bring, what shirts you will wear, or anything else!  Because you really do walk everywhere 24/7, and it is so important to have good shoes.  Another thing I would tell future Sister missionaries specifically is that lots of cool skirts are necessary for hot summer weather.  Bring skirts that you like and that will be practical for baking hot summer weather.  

Comunque!  We also went over to the Kovacs family house yesterday, and I am so glad that we did!  We got to know their family much better and we will be able to help them out more in the near future.  Sorella Kovacs is from Romania, and Fratello Kovacs is Hungarian.  He does not speak much Italian, so it was fun communicating with him.  :)  At their house, we made a title of Liberty flag (like Captain Moroni in the Book of Mormon! :D).  Sorella Kovacs really seemed to like it and we enjoyed making something special for their family tutti insieme.  We love them so much!  We love everyone here, really.  I love the people in Italy.

Inoltre, I have some...

Fun facts!  :D
 In Italy, they use a lot of words that we use like "feeling", "hamburger", "computer", "Bar", etc.  They also call hot dogs "Wurstel". 

Ciao for now, Famiglia!  :D  Love you!

-Sorella Cherrington

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