Monday, June 30, 2014

E 'solo attraverso la grazia di Gesù Cristo che possiamo essere salvati

This week went pretty well!  I loved the Serata Benessere, and helping out there, and being able to say goodbye to my good friend, Bianca.  :)  She and I have become such good buddies, and now she is in the US for the time being with her boyfriend, _____.  I hope everything is going well for her.  Also, in general, it has been an amazing week, seeing all of the ward members so often for the Sagra, (festival) for church, and we all did a mostra (exhibition) together on the Lungo mare (waterfront) pathway.  I drew the Gospel of Jesus Christ with Sorella Spencer (awesome new comp!  :D) and we saw quite a bit of success.  Fratello Miccoli came (love that guy!) and he talked about the mostra (exhibition) in church the next day, and encouraged the ward to get out and help us the next time because, "Le ginnochia della Sorella Cherrington facevano male perchè si doveva inginocchiare da sola per disegnare sul lensuolo!" (The knees of Sister Cherrington hurt because she had to kneel draw the gospel) He is a fantastic ward missionary, and so are the rest of our ward missionaries!  Our ward really is just great! I absolutely love Taranto, and I am glad to be here for this next transfer (going on number 4 here!  :D).  

And, showing Sorella Spencer around and seeing tons of people that I already know has been crazy, and is making real to me the fact that I really know un sacco di persone qua, and I have friends all over the place.  I hope to pass those bonds to Sorella Spencer so that everyone can be friends with the missionaries per sempre! (forever)  :D Annnd, transfers were sooo hectic!  But it ended up being fun because I got to stay in the Bari Sorelle's apartment for a couple days, and I helped them prepare the apartment for the 2 new sorelle that would be coming in there.  There, I got to see Sorelle Viazzo, Anderson, and Fossa.  It was nice to be able to give them a hand, but we were all sooo tired after the transfers because of the weird orario (schedule) that we had to follow to get people from the trains.  I also went on a baby scambio (exchange) with Sorella Viazzo where we went to a less-active's house, only to find that there were 4 Anziani there already!  Lol, it was a funny couple of days.

Also, last P-day was probably the best P-day of my entire mission because we got to spend it with Giuseppe and Ida and Marianna Pastano, people I love.  I will always always always be friends with them all, and I really hope that I can serve them and all the other people here to the best of my ability and no less.  So what did we do together?  Not even that much!  We walked to centro and to the Lungo Mare (waterfront) together, got Focaccia and Gelato, went to Zara, stopped in the coolest store ever with tons of comic books n' stuff.  That day, I re-learned the important life lesson that it doesn't matter at all what you do, but it's who you chose to spend your time with that really matters.  

Also, things are still going good with Robby and Martin.  But Martin went out of town to look for work and could not yet find anything. :/  I felt really bad for him too because he almost got one job as a nanny, but they ended up not hiring him because he is not a woman.  We will be praying for him though so he can get some work to pay for his school books this year.

Welp, that is all I have for now.  Sorry I don't have much, but this week was really long because of all the transfers and etc.  Love you guys!  :D  I know this transfer will be a good one!


Sorella Corey Cherrington

The Sisters giving a lesson no doubt!  

Ward Mission Leaders with the Missionaries and two members it looks like! 

Beautiful Peacock!  

Some Lovely Peacocks

Members at the Exhibition on the Waterfront

At the Exhibition on the Waterfront

A really nice text message from a member to Corey.  I wish I could text Corey!!!

These Elders looked like they are ready to go fishing?  Maybe not!!! 

Sunset in Taranto

Some awesome Elders giving a lesson about Family!!! 

Sorella Cherrington's little brothers in Italy!!!

The exhibit on the waterfront

This is Corey's friend who came to the US to be with her boyfriend.

Emergency and Disaster Preparedness Exhibit

Emergency and Disaster Preparedness Exhibit

Missionaries with some lovely people on the waterfront

Another awesome exhibit!!

Bianca and Corey

Fishing Exhibit

Lotsa Noodles!!

I love this one because Elder Turner looks as if he is in a food coma!!! LOL 

This lovely woman is very small, but probably has one of the biggest testimonies in church!!

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