Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Ci spostiamo in avanti, nonostante le distrazioni dell'avversario!!

Sooo, this week, I wanted to say that I was incredibly inspired by Avri's e-mail to me about how she received an answer to her prayers.  I could not stop thinking about it after I read it and I am so happy for her, and that she has decided to serve a mission!  I can't wait to see her and to talk to her about all these experiences she is having right now.  I would like to even put her story on my blog, if she approves?  If so, I am sure tons of others would be inspired by it as well. 

Allora, I have made a lot of progress this week as a missionary and as a person as well.  Me and Sister Bradford have had to avoid some pretty awkward situations with people on the streets.  But, we know that that is just the adversary, trying to stop us.  For example, the other day, after we were rimaste un po' male da qualcosa that happened at a bus stop, Slla Bradford said, "Ya know, this is just the adversary, trying to keep us from finding a new investigator tonight!"  I said, "Yah!" And we immediately talked to a man about the gospel after that. He rejected us.  But we persevered and talked to one more woman, and it ends up that her child's doctor is Mormon, she has heard a little bit about our church, and she wants to learn more!  :D  We got her phone number and we will hopefully see her soon after our mission conference in Roma is over.  OH!  Ps, lol, I am going to Roma tomorrow for a mission conference that we will have! Haha, after this, I will have been to Rome in every single one of my transfers at least one time!  I am glad for this because I can always say that that city has a special place in my heart.  Especially since I spent the first 6 months of my mission there.  :)  

So, what else?  I love the ward here and the English course is great.  We have an awesome class and they are really fun!  Last week, we talked about "Looking for a Job" as our lesson and I was able to have the class participate in a fun representation of the difference between "fired" "laid-off", and "let-go". It was really cool because I got to use all of my random business knowledge that I acquired from Dads and Mom's heating and air business to help other people learn better the terms!  I absolutely loved it!  And Sorella Bradford told me, "Wow, I am really impressed by your random business knowledge!"  I love Sorella Bradford!

Soooo, I want to tell you all a bit about Sorella Bradford!  She is really great.  She is funny and so smart and has lots of fun stories to tell about her time at Berkeley.  We are able to laugh off awkward situations too and bidoni as well.  I really enjoy serving with her and I have learned so much, and I am sure that I will continue to learn more, from being her companion. 

Hmmmm, what else? Ah!  Our investigator, Ofori is progressing!  :D  He read some of the pamphlet and he loves to meet with us!  We just have to get him some stuff in his native language, Twi, and it will be fantastic!  Also, our lovely Rumena investigator, Cornelia, remembered the Joseph Smith story when we returned back by her yesterday! It seemed like she wasn't listening or that she didn't understand, but she did!  She is a tricky one, that Cornelia!  Lol, I love her sooo much and I have faith that she will make progress soon!  (Especially because we finally got her some materials in her language last night, and she told us that she would read "volontieri!"  The Fratello we brought to her lesson and Colins's lesson was really great too!  He has a humble, very powerful testimony that brings a great spirit to any lesson. :)

Also, we just started teaching Italian to 2 really nice people from China. We had another stellar fratello from our ward come with us to that lesson too, and it was really nice. We left them with a Book of Mormon in Chinese and another one in Italian and we were able to share with them a bit about the Book of Mormon as well! We weren't able to set up a return appt. because the man (Antonio) has to go to Napoli this week for work, but we will also hopefully see them after the conference!  

Welp, that is all for now!  I love you guys and I cannot wait to hear from you again next week!  :D  I absolutely love e-mail time because I get to hear your guys' stories.  :)

Vi voglio bene,


Senior Missionary Couple: The Franceschini's

Torta that Antonio made for them!!

"Spicy Ice" ????  :) 

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