Monday, March 3, 2014

Servire il Signore è il nostro Salvatore, Gesù Cristo è qualcosa che non avete mai provato

Sooo, this week has been ricerca, ricerca, and some more ricerca (Finding).  It has been really fun!  And we have gotten soooo many bidoni this week, even from the members!  But it has really been great because me and Sister Bradford have sooo much fun doing ricerca together and we have had some really cool, spiritual experiences with sharing a lesson with people sitting on benches and with getting tons of new contacts!  We have filled up the entire front side of a contact paper with numbers and info about people who are interested in hearing more about the gospel!  The only thing now is getting to meet with them... It has been really difficult to set appointments with these people because they are so busy with work, school, or other things.

Lol, my favorite excuse was this:
(We tried to meet with the Anziani and this man named Carmine so we could pass him off to the Anziani.  We were exactly on time to the appointment, but we found the man just walking around on the street...)

Us: Ciao, Carmine!  Do you still have time to meet with us this morning?
Carmine:  Oh, sorry, but no...  I have to go in Giro now. (To go in giro means to basically go on a walk just passing the time).  Lol...  It has been really funny here. :)  Buuut...

I absolutely loooove this place because the people are sooo nice and so... idk, warm.  There is also amazing focaccia here and something called panzerotti!  :D  It is all sooo good!  Sorella Bradford and I often take our breaks on the road to go to one of the awesome Focaccerie!  :D  She has introduced me to so much cool Pugliese stuff!  She is really a great companion and we work really well together.  And we are both really determined to find some new simpatizzanti (investigators)!  :D We meet people from around the world everyday and it is really exciting for us to hear their religious point of view and also to tell them about our lovely message!  I absolutely love it.  I love my mission.

OH!  One last story!  
So, we were getting ready to meet with a man named Albert from Nigeria who... barely understands what we are saying but he accepted an English Book of Mormon and agreed to meet with us again.  It ends up that, last minute, he was stranded at a bus stop somewhere, so he could not meet with us...  So, me and Sorella Bradford, just having skipped out on going home for lunch just to meet with this man when he could sank our sorrows away by...  buying what I think to be the WORLD'S largest orange!  Lol, it was probably as big as Sorella Bradford's head!  XD  I have pictures that I will send you all.  :)  Love you, guys!  Have an amaz-a-zing week!  :D

Sorella Corey Anne Cherrington


Sorella Bradford and Sorella Cherrington

Castel Sant’Angelo

This Castle is at the opening of the entrance in Taranto and was used to keep enemies out.  It has been there at least since the 1400's and was built on top of an ancient building that was used for the same purpose.  

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