Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Ti ringraziamo o Dio per averci inviato le tue anime valorose!!! :)

Ciao Famiglia!

Lol, before my mission, I didn't understand all those RMs who talk about their mission all the time or they "mess up" and speak their mission language on accident... Lol, ironically, I understand in questi giorni and it will be a rather large adjustment to make, going home to the states and eventually having to speak significantly less Italian than I am speaking here.  It just really hit me today... Especially because I have less than 7 months.  I was thinking at the bus stop of all the things that will be in English and how weeeeird it will be!  Like church and school, and basically everything!  I will miss this place soooo much and the language, and especially the people!  I love the people here.  Man... and being with my friends in the mission has been really fun too!  and I am excited to have these next several months to be able to learn, grow, and progress even more.  :)  Lol, stepping off of my scattola per sapone... ;)

THIS WEEK!  :D  So, this week was full of miracles and finding!  There is lots of finding to be done here because we are looking for new simps.  We are expecting a miracle though and so are the members!  (One member asked me yesterday, "So, when will our next baptism be?"  Haha, the members are great :)  and they are really excited about missionary work.  I really love that about this ward.  All we have to do as missionaries is find someone to teach so that we can invite one of the many ward missionaries to help us!  (I think there were 3 or 4 new ones called yesterday!  

SO!  Our investigators, Babba and Ofori are really great and they love to listen to us because they say they love to hear the word of God and they think that it is important to hear all of the word of God so that they don't miss a grande parte of God's message by not being open to all possibilities.  They speak inglese, so I brought my quad of scriptures to a lesson for the first time ever!  It was great. And Babba is making progress!  :D  Last time we met, we left him with some "homework" to read and answer the questions in the back of the restoration pamphlet (members out there get one of those and study it!  It explains who we are in a very concise yet professional manner, and I love it.)  And, though Babba has a tough time reading in English, we were able to help him through the things that he had trouble doi9ng on his own.  They are really great!  We have another appointment with them today after P-day ends.  

Also, the other day, we were doing some street on the Lungo Mare (best place to do street because the coolest people are always there!  :D) and we ran into this crazy group of kids who were around the age of 12 or 13.  It seemed a little intimidating at first, but I stopped them and I asked them if they wanted to listen to a brief message we have to share.  They agreed and, though some were quite rowdy, we were able to explain part of the >restoration with them and we even got them to respond to our questions and to share their knowledge of the Bible a bit.  It was great!  :D  But, there came a point where they just couldn't listen anymore because they wanted to go off and walk around the city, so we left a couple pamphlets and invited them all to English course.  One of the girls was especially excited about this and she asked us at the end, "Can I hug you guys?"  (She loved us because we are from America). So we hugged her and then we were on our way when she called back to us, jokingly saying, "Hey!  When you go back to CA, you will take me with you, right?"  Then, I responded, lifting my eyebrow and joking back with her, "Hmmmm... ci pensiamo."  They all laughed, said Ciao and walked away.  It was a really cool experience.  :)

Hmmmm... what else can I share with you all?  Allora, we also have these new investigators named Cornelia and Vittoria who I absolutely loooove!  :D  They are both from Romania and they are here in Italy for work.  It has been really nice teaching them because Cornelia is so positive about our message and she invited Vittoria to come listen to us with her.  It was really cool!  We are not quite sure how much Vittoria Understands, but we took President's advice from Zone conference and we invited them to baptism right then and there!  :D  They agreed and we set a date for the 5th for them both.  Before anything is certain though, we want to make 100% sure that Vittoria understands our message.  Cornelia capisce, me we want to make sure that, if they are converted to the Gospel, that they understand and are able to have a lasting and true conversion through which they can be converted by the Holy Ghost and not us.  That is truly the purpose of our work; to invite people to come unto Christ, and to explain things to them and to tell them how they can make progress towards having a testimony if they so choose to make those steps.  

Hmmmm..... I believe that is it!  :D  I love you guys and I hope that you all have an amaz-a-zing week full of miracles!  Miracles happen to each one of us every day, we just have to open up our hearts to our Savior, Jesus Christ and recognize that He really does have a huge presence in our lives.  Ciao for now!

Vi voglio beeeeene!  ;D
Sorella Cherrington

PS- Sorry for no photos this week, I forgot my camera in casa...  Next week, though!  :D  Love you guys!  And solo 1 month and a half till I hit my year mark! woo hoo!  

Taranto Zone Conference March 6?

Taranto Zone Conference March 6?

Taranto Zone Conference - Mission President on the right: President Waddoups

Taranto Zone Conference.  Love this picture of Corey! 

Corey's current companion is on the left, Sorella Bradford and on the left is Sorella Hibbert who was one of her first companions in Ostia.  

Trying to Connect the all the dots!

Zone Conference Hymns!!

The Senior Missionary Couple in Taranto:  Anziano and Sorella Franceschini!!  :)

Everyone at Taranto Zone Conference.  Smile :)

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