Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Il lavoro del Signore può essere divertente ed emozionante!

Hey!  Soooo.... This past week was just about the funnest week... ever!  I got to see so many cool missionaries in Roma when we went to the conference,and the 6 hour train ride there and the 6 hour train ride back was a blast!  Also, it was also nice to do finding in Roma again!  I feel like there are sooo many cool, different people to meet there.  It really is an international city.  

E Allora?  
The conference was really great!  Elder Kearon from the area 70 came to speak to us!   He is from the UK and he did a lot of work in Roseville and in the Sacramento area, so he has actually seen me before...  Holy cow, coincidence?  Annnd, he really got all the missionaries excited about the work again.  We will be a power-house mission before long, I am certain of it!  And.... hmm.. in specific, I loved that he talked about faith.  The most important thing that we can have as missionaries is faith because, without faith, we cannot see the miracles that are happening and we cannot allow even bigger miracles to occur.  It was really great!  

Also, I was able to see a ton of my friends in the mission and I didn't realize how many people I know until I was there in a pack of missionaries!  There are so many good people in our mission.  :)  And I know that these friendships we make here will last a lifetime and even longer!  Also, I am realizing, piano piano just how many weird connections I am making and have in the mission.  For example:  I saw an Anziano who kind of looked like my friend, Shamae Budd.  I read his name tag, and it says "Anziano Budd".  Too weird.  I then I had to ask him if he knew Shamae, and he said, "Um, yah.... She's my sister!"  Holy cow!  we were both in shock!  And then Elder Budd asked me if I knew Professor Kerry! The words "Small world" do not cut it to describe how everyone in my life is somehow connected to another person I know... :)

Also, we got to stay at the villa, which was really nice because we got to spend some time with the Waddoups, Millets (the office couple) and other missionaries dalla Puglia!  It was really nice, and we all said a family prayer both nights that we stayed there.  It was a really cool experience.

And now... the work!  :D  
Holy cow, you guys!  Something about this conference was seriously magical because I feel that, when I got back and was in a trio with Slla Vasilachi and Slla Ruppe, our work started exploding!  :D  Like, we met with our New Simp, Collins, and he brought a friend who wants to meet with us, and there was a boy in English course who approached me and the member I was teaching with (Marianna P.) and asked US about the book of Mormon!  It was really amazing!  We even got to teach him a lesson after Corso D'inglese!  :D  And, Oh my goodness, you guys!  The finding really payed off!  I love finding, you guys!  And now, we have so many phone numbers, people we are getting a hold of to meet with, new simps, referrals from Simps, and this is a really exciting time in Taranto.  

Also, Collins came to church!  It was like a dream!  The other day, when teaching in our trio, Collins asked us if he could come to church!  We then said, "of course!", gave him directions to the Capella and said we would meet him at the Bus stop after Lidl to walk together on Sunday.  And, WOW!  HE CAME! He called us Sunday Morning, walked with us to church, the Anziani Translated for him in priesthood meeting, and then me and Sorella Bradford took turns translating for him in the other meetings.  He told us that he really liked church and that he would meet with us later in the week too!  We want to invite him to be baptized the next time we see him, so we will see how that goes.  :)  This is really an exciting time in Taranto, you guys!  For real.  

Hmmmm... What else?  I cut my hair!  It is really short, and I looooove it (because Sorella Ruppe cut it for me, of course ;)

Well, I love you guys, and I just want to convey to you how much I love you, how happy I am, and how I love my church, my religion, and God with all my heart.  I know that this is the true church, and I want to try my hardest every day to remember all the things that Christ has done for me so I can "forget myself and go to work"! And, you guys, if the gospel makes you as happy as it makes me, share it with the people you love who don't have it yet.  It is the greatest gift that you could ever give anyone, and it is a gift that will provide eternal and everlasting friendship.  These things I share with you in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.  

Sorella (Corey) Cherrington

PS-  Funny Story this week!  
Soooo, I sat down at the piano the other day (half as a joke) to see if I could play anything from the Simplified Hymn book.... I ended up being able to play an entire song, even with the bass parts!  Uau!  Che forte! 

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