Thursday, July 25, 2013

Another Awesome Week of Serving the Lord. Transfers Announced!!! :)

AWESOME Week this week!  XD

We got transfer calls on Saturday, and we found that...

Sorella Hibbert is going to Taranto 
Sorella Lovell is going to SICILIA :)
Anziano Burnham is going to Rome 1
Anziano Smith is staying in Ostia, annnnd
I am staying in Ostia with.... SORELLA PICCIRILO!  :D She was in my District this last transfer, and she is really awesome.  :)  She is from Italia (up north) and I am hoping that we can speak together in Italiano per un maggior parte dello questo trasferimento!  :D  I am soooo stoked!  

Sooo, with the other Sorelle leaving, we have been saying a lot of goodbyes- especially because Sorella Lovell has been her in Ostia for over 6 months now!  Thus, we have been having many meal appointments with members, and were in danger of having TWO large Cena appointments yesterday, but when I prayed to be saved from this two dinner fiasco, it ended up not happening.  THANK GOODNESS!!!  Lol, power of prayer, baby!  

And I just got practically the BEST email EVER from my awesome cousin, Shelby who said that she and her family will be sealed in the Temple together for eternity this month sometime.  I am sooo happy for them, and I know that it will be a fantastic experience that they will never forget.

SO!  Carmellos house!  We went over to his house on Monday for la Serata Familiare, and had a BLAST!  :D  (We were in danger of having two dinners that day too, so we prayed before going over that there would not be food, and there was not!  XD Yay!  Lol  ;)  But it was one of the best nights I have had here because I got to share a Spiritual thought with Anz. Burnham, and I got to see Carmello, Emiliano, Barbara...  I love those guys.  They are seriously some of my favorite people ever.  I took a selfie with Emiliano, and it is now one of my fav. photos of all time!  lol, Emiliano is Andrews age (16), so we are pretty good buddies :)  And sometimes Carmello reminds me of Dad!  Haha, last week he had a bag of cookies, and kept telling me "Mangia, mangia, Sorella!"  Haha, can’t remember if I have told that on already, buuut there it is!  ;)  I got to play a little guitar again there, and Emiliano started teaching me how to play "I Missionari del Mondo!"  :D  I am sooo stoked!  

Also, we got to go visit the Blas family (who I LOVE!  :D), the Banchini family (:D), we saw Alessandra at DDM on Monday... Guys, I just love the people here...  They are all some of my fave. people ever, and I have only been here for 6 weeks!  Annnnd, we went to dinner at the Cervallos house a couple of days ago where we got to play games and talk to my buddies!  XD  (Luis and Michelle who are both around the age of 8).  They gave me a Pokemon card a while back, and asked me if I had it with me.  GAH!  Lol, I had just taken it out of my wallet, and did not have it, BUT I totally promised them I would have it with me on Sunday :).  I love those guys.  AND Luis came up to me on Sunday, held my hand and said, "You will add me on Facebook, right?"  Lol, love that kid!  And Michelle is super funny, and dances like Michael Jackson and says he’s Michael Jackson, jokingly, whenever I see him.  They are fantastic.  I really hope to do more work with their family this next transfer.  :)  OH!  And their Grandma is also fantastic, and we are buds as well :).  They are just the best.  

Hmmm, what else has happened???  We visited the Coloseum last p-day, and will be going again to Rome today to get shoes for me and Hibbert.  Annnnd, haha, we took a funny trip to Termini the other day to meet someone who actually planned on meeting us at a totally different place than we had initially thought... Lol, so we took a very long trip to Termini to get stood up...  It was pretty fun though because it was raining, I made friends with these Bangladesh vendors who were Muslim (they were really funny!), and I saw the United Nations building in Rome right by the Vittorio Manuele building.  It was reeeally cool, and I freaked out and took some pics of it.  :)  I hope they get put on Facebook so my MUN enthusiast friends can see them!  :D

Well, that is all I have for now! Prossima Settimana, tutti!  :D

-Sorella Corey Cherrington

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