Wednesday, July 10, 2013


This week has been great!!!  :D  We went to Latina yesterday again (the place where we are trying to start a ward) with Sister Anderson, who exchanged with Sister Lovell for our Scambi.  Sister Anderson is wayy cool!  Oh!!  And the night when she first got here (the Day before Latina) she came with me, Sister Hibbert, and the Anziani to la casa della famiglia Blas for Pietros bday party.  That was tooootally fun!  We got to have a dance party with all the kids there for Pietros 9th birthday.  All the kids there really thought I was cool because I like Pokemon a ton!  One of the boys gave me a Pokemon card on the bus that I will officially keep forever!  XD  Lol, it is awesome.  and, at the party, one of Pietros friends lead us all in some dances that he knew (Gangam Style, Afrika by Shakira, and a couple other really good songs.  Was probably one of my funniest days in the mission yet!!!  :D  annnd it was super cool being around all them because they are basically all from Peru!  So we got to sing happy b-day in Italian AND Spanish!!!  Sooo cool! 
I think my friend, Elder Jiminez would totally serve here at some point slash would love it!!  :D  PS- if Jiminez reads this; Sister Anderson knows your trainer!!!  Lol, Buuuut after that, we got to go give this guy at a Pizza place a book of Mormon in Arabic, and he agreed to meet with us this Thurs so we can explain it!  :D  Unfortunately, I will not be here because I am doing another scambi with the Roma 2 Sorelle today and tomorrow.  They are both from Italy, so I will be speaking lots of Italian for the next 24 hours.  Wish me luck!!  And definitely pray for me! 

Dopo quello, we went to the Agomeris house with Fabrizio (an RM in the area who is Sorella Agomeris grandson).  The lesson was reeeeeally cool because we went barely prepared at all, and ended up sharing a really encouraging message about how Sister A can stop smoking and can make it to the temple with her family.  (She is the one from Sicilia and has a thick accent).  Buuuut, she is really cool :) and is one of my favorite people here.  She was crying at the end of it, and said she was crying happy tears.  I will be praying for her to have the strength to quit smoking and drinking coffee. It was also really cool because she said that my Italian is doing really well!!  :D  And I got to lead the lesson too, and it was just awesome all around!  And Fabrizio helped sooooooooo much!!!  I am so thankful that he was there to help us and be a missionary again for a short time. :)  (he went to Milan)
Soooooo!  Latina!!  Lol.  I LOVED Latina yesterday for a variety of reasons:  1- Sister Anderson is way fun to be around and she brought so much optimism and light to our companionship. 2- I was the most fluent Italian speaker, so I got to try the waters a TON, and I really loved that!  :D  3- Sister Andersons boldness allowed us to be able to teach a short lesson to this Romanian man in the park who wants us to come back and teach him!  XD  3- Doing work with the Elders is SO fun!  Especially because one of the Elders reminds me sooooo much of Andrew!  :D  4- Latina is just awesome!  It is way close to Napoli and is WOW beautiful! :)  5- We met Osvaldo, a hair-cutter who wants people to accept the fact that animals have spirits. He also talked a lot about the idea of, "God created all men, so why do we have Saints instead of just worshipping God?"  He was very passionate about this subject, and agreed to meet with us next week!  :D  He is soooo cool!  I look forward to meeting with him again. 6- We touched bases with a ton of people who have stuff to do the next couple of weeks, but will be able to meet soon.  DUDE!  The work is on FIRE in Latina!  I just wish we had more than one day a week there... the goal is to get a branch going so we can get a bishop and some Elders there. Sisters too please!  XD)
Welp, today was fantastic as well!  :D  We visited soooo many cool sites in Rome!  (Spanish stairs in Roman Holiday, the Roman Forum, we saw the Coloseo for a sec, and went into a couple of churches and the Vittorio e Manuelle which is this MASSIVE building that has the tomb of the unknown soldiers in it! Andrew would love it :)  I think of Andy a lot...  I miss my little bro...
Communque, grazie per tutto, e....
ciao for now!!  :D
-Sorella Corey Cherrington
PS-sorry for possibly no pics this week!  D:  Constantly having a photo uploading problem... 


  1. Good for her, She manage that all , image how amazing she it.


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  2. Thank you Tinita!! You sound just as wonderful and inspiring as my daughter! Lisa Cherrington