Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Getting Through a Tough Week!!! :) 7/3/2013

Ciao!  :D

I am soooo excited to be writing you all this week!  I really have been having a rough time here because we are having some difficulties.  I feel it is necessary for future missionaries out there to know that things are not 100% peachy all the time.  I will tell you also, though, that even though this week was rough, we have seen many miracles.  Here is my favorite story from the week:

Our trainer, Sister Lovell, went to Rome a day early for Zone conference because she is a "Sister Training Leader", which people have compared to the role of a Zone Leader that is a girl.  SO, when she went to Rome that left me and Sister Hibbert (the two greenies ;) to figure things out for ourselves.  I LOVED IT!!!  We started off by getting lunch at the big station in Rome, called Termini.  Theeeen, we headed home on the Metro and successfully arrived at our station (Lido Nord) without getting lost.  Lol, I do have to say though that one lady on the train got a tiny bit upset with me because she asked me, "Arriva a Acilia."  Me, not knowing that this meant, "Does this train go to Acilia", answered "Arriva a Torre De Valle" because I thought she was asking where we currently were...  Haha, she got upset for a moment, turned to the man in front of me, and asked the same question again...  Lol, 1st transfer moment of love, you know ;)

Soooo!  We got home, went to a members house to help install an indexing program for family history, and on the way we ran into Carmello (who I love, and he totally reminds me of Dad!  :D).  It was a miracle that we ran into him, because he had cancelled FHE earlier that day, and we were able to talk to him a bit about things.  Then, after we were done at Barbara’s House (the member we were helping out) me and Sister Hibbert prayed to know what to do next.  As we were praying, an image of the walking path by the beach came into mind.  So, we went finding near the beach to see what we could do.  We were hanging out flyers; met some really cool people, and then we ran into our investigator, Mario, who had been skipping out on lessons for the past week because he has exams coming up.  We were able to check in with him, and set up a date for a next appointment.  So that was good.  

THEN, we met this nice old man, who said that he did not want our info cards because he is "too old to change" and "all there is" for him now is "(he) and his wife".  Then, we ran into this really cool guy, who I think may be homeless, and he has two fingers on one of his hands.  He was pretty funny too.  :)  And he told us, "I can tell you two are sent from Jesus Christ, because your faces, you can see it there.  And when else would you have come to talk to me?  You are definitely from Jesus Christ."  It was a really cool experience, and now he will be coming to English course on Fridays!  :D  He is also hoping that we can talk to our "brothers" in America about getting prosthetic fingers.  As missionaries, were not sure what to do for that, but we will try to help him out.  :)  

After meeting that really nice man, me and Hibbert started to say stuff like, "Finding is good, and it really shows faith when we don’t know what else to do."  annnnnd BAM!  We walk straight into Alessandro, who we have not seen for a week because he has been on vacation.  We were able to share a nice spiritual thought with him and a prayer too.  It was really nice.  Then, we were able to set up another appointment with him for later this week.  Veramente, quello goirno era un giorno di miracoli!  And it felt soooo good to learn things more independently for a while with someone else who is learning.  I really loved being a duo companionship with Hibbert for a while :)

Other than that, Zone conference was yesterday, and it was pretty awesome.  I really enjoyed hearing from the new Mission President and his awesome wife, Sorella Waddoups.  It was sooo cool!  They gave us all lunch, and we played Gospel Bingo with smarties!!!  :D  It was sooo fun.  I also got to see Sister Wiltbank and Pancheri, two of the girls from my MTC District, and it was really nice to talk with them for a while.  :)  I really like the people in my Zone, and the Zone next to us :)  They are all pretty fantastic people and outstanding Missionaries.  

I think that is it for now, because I have tons of photos to upload!  Ciao for  now!  Vi voglio bene!  :D

-Sorella Corey Cherrington

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