Wednesday, July 31, 2013

La vita con il mio nuovo compagno!!! :)

HELLO!!!!  XD I reallllllly miss you all...  I have been having a great week, and my new companion is pretty cool.  She is from Italy (up north), and we speak Italiano very often.  This week, we have been to Carmellos house a lot, which has been really great!  :D  I love the Fresta/Frau family!  Wow, they are great!  XD Didn’t play any guitar with them this week, but we did get to go to Carmellos birthday party by Osvaldos booth near the ocean.  It was wayyyyyy fun and we all had a blast!  We ate octopus that Emiliano had caught for us (he loves to fish and fishes all day, every day- he is the coolest kid on the block!  :D).  Also, we have been spending a lot of time with the lovely Barbara Bartolucci, who I LOVE!  :D  She has the biggest heart!  Wow, she is cool.  She is working on getting her husband, Osvalso to go to the Temple with her.  

AND I got your guys bday package for me!  XD I LOVED IT!!!!  ANNND I got the package from Laura too!  WOW, was that great to get.  I really loved reading your guys letters, and I hope Laura knows how much I appreciate her package!  :D  I am currently writing a handwritten letter for Laura.  LAURA! You are the best!  I miss you so much, my friend :)

OH!  And we have a dinner appt with the La Ferla Famiglia tonight too!  :D  I am really excited for that.  

Hmmmmm, what else... Oh yeah!  I was opening my package from Laura while we were riding the Metro on the way home with the Anziani, and I pulled out the fan with the American flag on it.  (My companion thought it was way funny btw, because she is Italian ;) And Elder Smith totally loved it, took it and started fanning himself...  Lol.  Took a pic of it, but my camera cord went missing...  Gotta find it.  AND  my LOVELY times 10 fantastic letter from good ol David Barerra???  Yah, Anziano Smith took that too and read it out loud for me on the train.  Haha, it was pretty hilarious.  (David, loved your letter btw!  :D)  Haha, it is really fun to work with the Anziani.  Also, the mostra in front of the grocery store (for our new chapel in Ostia!  :D) went great!  We got to see Michayla Banchini (love her!) and her friends (an RM who came to Italy and his Dad).  I bought the sweets this week (Lol, every week we have done a mostra, Anziano Smith and Anziano Burnham have bought the sweets, so I got them this week).  It was wayyyy fun as always.  

ALSO, after English course last Friday, we went to the Bar Siciliano for Gelato (We do this every week :)  We got to talk with the cool people who work there, and it was really nice.  And they are reading the Books of Mormon that we left for them!  :D  Che forte!

Lol, that’s all I’ve got for now! Ciao ciao!

Sorella Corey Anne Cherrington

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