Thursday, July 18, 2013

La mia bellissima figlia di Dio - My beautiful daughter of God

Ciao Tutti!  :D

I have to be a bit brief this week because I am already running low on time, trying to get pics up and stuff.  Soooo, this week went great!  :D  I got to another exchange with the Sorella in Roma 2, and it was solo awesome!  They are both from Italy, so I got to have over 24 hours of only Italiano!  (Except for the lesson we taught in English :).  (Awesome lesson, btw!  The girl we taught is 15, from Sierra Leon, and I am invited to her baptism on the 24th!  :D).  I really love Sorelle Caramia and Omer, though :)  They have true hearts of gold.  And the night that I stayed over at their house, I had a HUGE mosquito bite problem!  Literally... I had a bite on my foot that swelled soooo huge, the whole top of my foot was red and swelling...  Had some others like it plus practically dozens more of normal bites, but this one was crazy!  But Sorella Omer put some special Swiss cream on it, and it got sooo much better the next morning!  :D  She told me at the end of the exchange, "Just let me know if it swells up again, call us, and I can put some more cream on it for you!"  She is fantastic :)
Other than that, the past couple of days have been amaaaazing :D  Tough at times, but really great :)  The most notable moments I remember are our member appointments.  The night before last, we went over to the famiglia Banchinis house for a FHE and dinner.  It was sooo fun, and Sorella B cooks sooo good!  :D  It was really nice to spend some time with them and to get to know them better.  Fratello Banchini is funny; he told me I look English and asked me, "So, do you miss England?"  Lol :) They also said that I look like I would be a good politician too, and that I have the confidence to be a good diplomat-type person :)  Pretty cool.  I really love their family, and their daughter, Mikayla, is sooo awesome!  :D  She is 18 and plans to serve a mission very soon. 
THEN, there was the awesome Pranzo appointment with the famiglia Battistini.  They are a retired couple who I absolutely LOVE!  They are really fun, and like to cook a TON of food for missionaries, but insist that the gelato is only a "gelatino" (small dessert).  Lol, they are really great :)  Their daughter is moving to Provo soon with her husband, so she asked us a lot of questions about that, so it was pretty nice to be able to give them some advice about that :).
Oh!!! :D  And I got to play GUITAR at Carmellos house the other day!  Lol, I taught Emiliano a song, and he and Carmello played several BEAUTIFUL songs for me and Sister Hibbert :)  Lol, and they remind me sooooooo much of Dad and Andrew!  Lol, Carmello kept trying to get me to eat cookies and soda (of which I had MANY cookies and a ton of soda because Carmello kept filling it up for me... lol :).  AND Carmellos taste in music is very similar to the classic rock that we totally love in our fam!  :D  He played "Hotel California" for us because I am from California ;) and I was able to sing some of it with him!  :D  LOVED IT!  XD 
We also went over to the Padillas house for Julissas birthday yesterday :D  I really loved it.  We were her only guests that she wanted besides her Sister and her niece.  :)  I felt really honored to be there for her birthday.  OH!  And, Mom, Julissa is the lady you were talking about in that one e-mail a couple weeks ago :)  The one who you said you felt like you had seenher before :)  She is really cool, is in the primary dept in our ward, and I really love her!  :D
OH! And I sent a couple of letters thru the mail, lemme know if / when you get them!  :D  I really love you guys. 
Write me everyone, I would really love to hear from you!  :D  It really uplifts and strengthens me when I get letters.  Ciao ciao for now!  :D
-Sorella Cherrington

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